Petition to capcom to have SSF4 special event at FR13


I need everyone that plans to attend FR13 to Please goto!_Support_Final_Round_XIII_March_12-14!&post_num=9#386460841

and make you’re voice be heard if you want SSF4 at FR13 as a special event in a Major tournament setting. With the people’s help maybe we can make this dream turned into a reality. So go and post now on capcom unity forums people! FR13 needs to have SSF4.:cool:


Get to this people. The last major in the US for SF4 needs to have a preview of SSF4!


petition signed - this needs to happen - good to see a unity mod already grabbed and is running with it…


Oh man. I am all over this. FR is already the weekend of my Bday…having a SSFIV special event there would make it even more awesome.


I think everyone needs to nominate this thread for an article and see if they’ll put it on the front page!!! I think the whole SRK community would give support if they knew about it! On the capcom boards there hasn’t been much activity :frowning:




Also nominated.






Thanks for the support fella’s. Tell more people to post support for this movement.