Hey everyone,

OK so a lot of people have brought this to my attention over the last few months and after looking at the activity in World Discussion, I think it’d be a nice change to give Canada its own Matchmaking and Discussion section of SRK. On average, 8 of the top 10 threads in World Discussion are Canadian based. In most cases “World Discussion” is limited to a few people wondering if someone in their whole country also plays SF while the rest of Canada has established scenes.

I’m requesting that all Canadian SF players that frequent this section simply take the time to leave a post saying they’d like a Canadian section of SRK.

Nagata Lock II
Requesting Canada: Discussion & Matchmaking

I’m with this.

Yeah I always wondered why we never got a section for ourselves and I was actually confused when I first joined trying to find the canadian threads in the EC section. I support this fully.

Signed, in hope that new players have an easier time finding us

Yes whatever the Godfather says. Make a Canadian section for SRK.

No Canada section makes me sad =(

Bring it back please!

you’re deserting us anyways. You have to stay in World Discussions.

I’m down with a Canada section. Please make some of us admins in the canadian section as well.

Canadian section please.
Merci! (Stupid french)

Yes Please

Toronto should just get their own sub forum in the Canadian Matchmaking forum lol. But I’m down with this.


put it on top of the sf4 forum.

so many lost players.


In This Bitch.


MTL, Where ya’ll at?

First we had EC but now our brothers down south just think of us as part of the rest of the world. Canada section!!

yea it needs to come back.


They still don’t have one?


This would be nice to have. Toronto alone has a massive scene for this day and age, with each seperate game having it’s own large following. And then there’s all the surrounding cities. And that’s just one part of one province. I know there are scenes in other provinces too, some even larger than ours.

A lot of people i’ve talked to have said they never even knew there were Canadian threads, since they’d naturally go to Atlantic North. So basically what i’m saying is…



Thank yuoo! (stupid fobs) :lovin:


i saw noodleman at unionville mainstreet sometime ago