Petition to get MVC1 at EVO 2013


So this game is gonna drop in September and we all have a good year to either relearn the game or pick it up for the first time. I honestly think this game would be hype if it were on the big stage and i’d actually be willing to make the trip to EVO for the first time even though my money is a little tight. So if you want MVC1 at EVO just type in your username.

The New MvC1 Discussion Thread: Is Marvel 1 considered bad?

Petition for Skullgirls @ Evo? Ok…



Lets try and keep some consistency for EVO instead of switching games all the time


I definitely agree with putting MVC1 in the line-up of games. Just seeing a lot of people coming from GGPO who are already experienced would be pretty cool.




Or you can push for a better game instead…


Sorry I can’t jump on this. It would be one thing to get MvC2 back, but Marvel 1 is just too ridiculous.


As a side tournament sure, but old games shouldn’t be on the main lineup.


We already have mvc1 at evo 2013 its called mvc3.

Also if anything MSH should get the spotlight at EVO, I’d like to see a random old school game at each evo. That would be pretty sick.


Sadly next years evo line up will prob end up being

DOA5 or injustice.


you clearly haven’t played mvc1


Be as optimistic as you want, but it’s not going to happen.



evo cares about tournament attendance, not signatures on an internet petition (they also care about other things, but none of those would be applicable for mvc1 probably)


Play MVC1 first, then get back to us about the petition.


I have played MVC1, also im willing to Money match anybody for 500 bucks at next years EVO for Mahvel 1. I just wanna bring some hype to fighting games again is that so wrong?


I like mvc1 because it was my first vs game I played at a train station when I was little,anyways too many fighters coming out thats new and will have more people,ae,marvel,kof,ttt2 are pretty much gonna be in there and a toss up between sfxt,vf5,skullgirls,persona4a,doa5,and injustice unless they add another day too evo personally I want them to do a round robin mvc2 between justin,yipes,and sanford


Skullgirls has a better chance then up back vs no block stun.


that makes two of us and mvc3 has more similarities to all the VS games outside of mvc2. Also I don’t think mvc3 is a “good” game I think its a fun game and at low to mid levels its terrible. high level play is very “good”

Do you feel like mvc2 was similar to other vs games?


You forgot about P4A.


Are you serious? MVC2 is a terrible game. The only reason it turned into the best game ever is because of the dedication of the Marvel players in the scene. They made that game what it is, not capcom.

IT was a beautiful mistake.