Petition to get SC5 to use GGPO's netcode


Hello! We SoulCalibur players need your help! If you haven’t played SC4 online then you don’t know that it has one of the worst netcodes ever for a fighting game. We SC players do not want to see a repeat of this with SC5 so we’ve created a petition to let Project Soul know what netcode we feel they should use, and that is GGPO. We want a netcode that was created by a diehard fighting game player with the intention of playing in virtually lagless matches. We don’t have much time to get their attention with this petition so I am begging everyone everywhere to please sign so that we aren’t disappointed again! Because once they start programming the netcode, that’s a wrap and nothing we say will change their mind. It’s still early in the development so our voice can still be heard. So, please sign this for our benefit, even if you don’t intend to play the game. We could really use the support. Thank you so much!!/pages/Petition-to-get-GGPOs-netcode-for-SoulCaliburV/226542944023734


If you really want this to happen, starting an emailing/twitter/facebook harassment campaign would probably be more effective than starting an easily ignorable facebook page.


If i’m not wrong the GGPO algorithm was created just for 2D games and it doesn’t work on 3D games… or something like that.


No I’m sure 3D games can use GGPO because Dragon ball Zenkai uses it.


Oh, yeah, you’re right, i forgot that… strange, i was pretty sure that the developer of GGPO said that some time ago, whatever.


The Beta GGPO we see on PC most likely only works on 2D games.
But it’s a matter of rolling back to a previous frame to fix a mistake caused by delay, nothing out of the question for a 3D game.
No doubt the Zenkai code is not the same as we see on FBA.


IIRC the main holdup for this is the fact that the game must be optimized for GGPO in order for it to work. More often than not the dev team will have to start the game intending to use GGPO rather than tacking it on later.

(might be talking out of ass)


this is true. ponder said it himself.