Petition to get Taki back in the Soulcalibur Series

Taki is the most respected & well known kunoichi in gaming. Project Soul replaced her in SCV because she was “too old”. It’s time to speak up for her and get her back on the stage of history!

Please vote in this Facebook page if you want The Demon huntress back!

Football tits are killing #E-SPORTS

If Taki gets back in, I want my sexy geisha Setsuka back too. =\


And this is why Namco should have just done an actual reboot if that’s what they wanted to do.

wow. kid sounds pretty desperate to see more of the jiggly stuff. leave it alone and let Natsu grow some jugs, okay? good thing Ivy stopped aging since SC3 [which was terrible btw] so i’m kinda sure she’ll be in at least 2 more sequels with her boobies. awesome.


if only all the characters didnt look like theyve never slept in 10 years/ have been staring at a tv for 10 hours.

natsu being a prime offender here.
how did they go from the bitty in the artwork to this:

Signed, we need more tits in SCV :tup:


Seriously, no offense; how do you people actually think this is going to end? Taki’s gone. Natsu’s here. Life goes on. Please, enjoy the game for what it is.

See FGD rule #3.

Tataki, please stop it.