Petition to have a DEMO of MVC3 @ Evo2k10

As per the wakeup Shoryuken pod, I would like to start a petition to Capcom to have a Demo of MVC3 @ Evo 2k10.

I know alot of people are anxiously waiting for this game and it would be nice to have a demoable build at the premiere fighting game championship event in North America, Evo.

I am not asking for much:

  • a playable 3-6 character roster,
  • training mode stage
  • a private showing booth/room that is closed off to cameras and the like. More or less give the people attending Evo a little taste of Capcoms next big title. Whiles those who didn’t attend can be left to try and piece together the facts from the hundreds of details that the those who played are posting online.

Sound off SRK.

***If there is anything else that is reasonable for a demo purposes let me know and I will add to the list.

Or you could just wait. Shit just got announced, give it a moment.

demo at evo would be sweet. their supose to have a demo at E3 and thats a month earlier so they could probably get one to evo if they wanted.

id be happy with a video, if not a playable

well, Capcom said, “ask and ye shall recieve provided it is within our power”. So why not…

I would imagine well at at least get a video at evo. Another thing to look forward to at evo.

Rumor is that the game will be playable at E3, if that’s the case, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be playable at Evo, even with the game a long ways off (TvC:UAS was playable at last year’s Evo, and wasn’t released until the end of January).

I don’t know it’s just been announced. I think Capcom already has their plan to hype this game up like their past two fighters.

What better place to hype it up than at evo?

I think they should have unveiled it right before the marvel grand finals at evo. Maximum hype.

+1 to demo at evo

Not a bad idea.

evo doesn’t deserve it this year

mvc2 was kick out the line up for a moment

im still a bit salty they thought they could do that lol

nah but a vid would be cool

Most definitely.

Just like they had a beta of TVC in 08 and 09,they should have MVC3.

hopefully it makes it way to comic con as well

+1. C’mon capcom, make it happen.

I don’t think I have to play it, just a developer demonstration not open to the public is enough for me. The Demo is never always the final product anyway so it could change big time by April next year. I would prefer they get Seth to deliver demo’s of the game all over the country and not just the East and Weast Coast this time.

Sounds like a plan that I can agree with.

I would be surprised if they had a demo ready to go when all we’ve seen so far is a teaser trailer and zero gameplay.

Then again, Capcom is a really messed up developer. For all we know they’re withholding information as usual and they’ve already got a playable release candidate.

they started development in 2008.

I am going to take a guess and say all the charactes shown so far (even shadows) will probably be playable at E3, Evo and SDCC (mini tournaments Seth!).

Better yet, why not just give us a playable demo on PSN for the evo coverage. lol.

Wishful thinking huh.