Petition to have Vanilla Forums QA pass through Tapatalk and reinstate it to SRK


I know there is already a Tapatalk thread here, but it’s not for this purpose.

I’ve had it with the mobile browser on this forums. No spellcheck, no themes, slowing down my phone. I bought Tapatalk solely for the convenience of being able to post on forums in a streamlined app, and now, don’t find as much use for it because there’s no SRK, because Vanilla Forums staff is dragging its feet on sending Tapatalk down the pipeline for their hosted forums, despite Vanilla being supported by Tapatalk.

So I’m starting a petition on here. I figure it can’t hurt to try to get some voices heard. If you bought Tapatalk, enjoyed using it, find the mobile site less effective in posting here, and want to see it back, sign here, and if I get a decent amount of signatures, I’ll send this upstream to Vanilla admins.

Oh, and signed.


its not us, it is vanilla forums. You need to have them clear it for use for all sites, and then we can install it.


Yeah, that’s actually my intention. I know @Kyle had discovered that the reason we couldn’t have it is that they had yet to pass it upstream so that it could be used on sites hosted on their servers. So I’m trying to petition, at least here, that they do so. Obviously I’m doing it to benefit us, but if they finally go through with it, then the rest of their forums can install it.


@MrWizard has to ask them for it. We are not the customer from their perspective.


Oh for real?

So I can’t just shoot off an email or something myself?


Tapatalk supports Vanilla in their latest version. Anyone want to make it happen?


Would really love to see this happen.


Need tapatalk. Can’t stand browser mode on mobile.



hope this petition hasn’t expired or something


Late to the party but i’m in… I want tapatalk!


I see it on Tapatalk but can’t connect, says fail all the time. Smh.


First post, sorry its here.

I’ve held off signing up to SRK for a month now Hoping that the “failed to connect issue” on tapatalk was going to be fixed.
You can definetly add me to the list of signee’s as I do 90% of my forum whoring via tapatalk!


what about going back to vbulletin