Petition to keep UMvC3 a main event in EVO

There is talk and much concern that Marvel may not be in the main line-up for next years EVO tournament. So I have taken the liberty of starting a petition to save marvel from an early grave. Below you will find the link. Please sign it so we can keep this ultra-hype game alive.

This is dumb, honestly.

Text on a website won’t keep the game alive. People showing up to events will.

If you are genuinely concerned about Marvel returning to Evo, there’s only one thing you need to do: Show up to events.

You know you really don’t have to be a dbag about it. I see a problem here and I’m trying to find a solution. If you don’t like it just shut up and don’t sign the thing. I would love to go to events and enter marvel but I suck at that game and it would be a waste of everyones time. I just genuinely enjoy watching it because it is exciting. A lot of people entered marvel this year but there is still the looming threat of its removal from evo. Obviously it isn’t enough for people to enter, the spectators also need to get involved. I’m not saying this will save marvel indefinitely, but it may help if they see that the people still love the game and want to keep it alive. It wouldn’t kill you to do this and continue to enter marvel events if that’s what you do.

Sorry you think I’m being a douchebag about it, I’m just telling you what a better solution would be. We both want the same thing here.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, that shouldn’t stop anyone from attending tournaments if they can. Marvel no longer being a main game is definitely a real danger, and the only thing that will save it is community support/commitment to Marvel events. If you know anything about Mr. Wizard, an online petition would not move him in the slightest.

If you think you’d be a waste of other people’s time at a real event, stop thinking that now. Going to offline events helps you get better and connects you with your fellow players. If time/location is preventing you from going to events, then sorry, I guess. But if you are aware of things going on in your area, go there!

Evo won’t be the Evo for Marvel. How it was handled this year is proof enough already.

I’d rather just recognize a separate event as the Marvel Mecca, much like how Apex is for Smash or Capcom Cup for Street Fighter.

What could be that event though? Capcom Cup doesn’t really carry the prestige of Evo IMO, while Apex has had years to build up its reputation. You can’t just point to an event and say, “You! You are the new big Marvel tournament!”

Capcom Cup will also not show any Marvel footage because the deal between Capcom and Disney is dead.
They can’t even update the game or sell it anymore due to that, hence the pull of all Marvel related titles from online networks.

Marvel is pretty much doomed at this point.

Your going to have to live in the real world like an adult. Petitions hardly do anything at all. Its about as useful as a retweet. The only thing this world cares about is action. If you honestly care about UMvC3 and want it to stay a main game, then go to your local scene and support it. Play the game, share it with others. If they don’t like it then oh well, thats how the free market works. If the game has to die at one point than it will, even if you support it. That doesn’t mean the game didn’t have amazing years, with amazing tournaments and amazing players that are now in the Fighting game scene because of it. Simply do what you can. Marvel looks far from dead to me at the moment. 800 people at a tournament for a 4 year old game sounds good to me.

Maybe you should stop listening to stream monsters?

To be honest very few things can move mr wizard. Even superman would struggle pushing his fatass.

It doesn’t matter if you suck at the game. Show up at events just to show that people are still willing to go and play the game. The only thing that ever truly keep a game alive in the competitive circuit is people showing up to play.

Initially I had the inkling of an idea that it could be CEO, given the attention it (Or at least Stone Cold K-Brad) received beyond the gaming fandom. That said, one could argue that CEO could just as easily be a premiere event for literally any other of the games featured there as well. Curleh certainly cannot afford to be a yearly thing since it’s meant to be an invitational event and lord knows that Yipes can’t afford stuff like Curleh West on an annual basis without ruffling a few feathers.

Marvel had less entrants than, what, four other games? One was a Saturday main event, too, lol. They can’t keep that train going. I don’t want to see it gone, either, but the number of players these days is so low it’s almost going to be impossible to rebound it. Maybe these finals would give people with shitty teams some hope, but unless you play a lot you’re not going to be this good.

Also, get your ass to locals. If this game doesn’t show up on a local scene, why the fuck would you think it’s going to be on a worldwide stage?

Its not like I don’t go to locals when I can guys, but that isn’t the point. Obviously the competitors of marvel want to see it return to evo but the petition, in my mind, was a way for the spectators who look forward to watching the game at evo and other tournaments every year could get involved. I consider myself to be a spectator. I only play marvel casually, but I greatly enjoy watching others play the game.

You’re not getting it. Petitions literally have no power to enforce anything. All a petition is, is a piece of “paper” that lets someone or some company know that (x) amount of people want this or that. The company or person is still free to do as they wish. The thing that’s killing Marvel is the drop in competitors. This evo Marvel went from what 800- 1000 competitors last year to a mere 500 and change. That’s a HUGE drop, even Guilty Gear XRD had significantly more competitors. This drop in entrants tells the TOs that players are just not that interested anymore. And its players who keep a scene alive. Not stream monsters/viewers. So if you want Marvel to stick around then support your local scene regardless of your skill level. If not then accept that Marvel’s time as a Main Event EVO title as great as was just might be over.

And even so it’ll still be a side event title and probably played at other Majors and locals.

Wiz won’t care. Wiz doesn’t really care about anyone’s opinion except Wiz. I guess you can try to send it over to the Cannons but those guys are goddamn millionaires now. They don’t have time to mess with the every day of SRK and it’s why they gave control over it to Wiz years ago.

MvC3s dead already? man what a shame lol

I know that petitions have no real power but it let’s a company or group know what the followers and consumers expect from them. I’m not saying that this will indefinitely keep marvel in evo but its something at least. All you guys have done is bitch and complain and beat down my idea. At least I’m trying to do something about it. You all just sit there and tell me my idea sucks. It wouldn’t hurt you guys to sign it even if it did nothing. Its like 2 clicks and you’re done.

Then you are going about it the wrong way…that’s what basically is being told to you.

Wiz and the Cannons are NOT going to give a fuck about an online petition because it’s not going to bring in players…this has happened before and it doesn’t work.
How can you guarantee that anyone who signs the petition will ACTUALLY sign up for EVO 2016?

If you really want to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…hype the game.
Help the Marvel 3 community show that it can still get good amount of entries in the coming tournaments…and deserves to stay on the main stage.
Get people to come out to majors/local gathering and bring the hype.

But spectators are important too which has been my point all along. Spectators still bring in money and they also bring money to companies that sponsor the events. If a spectator goes to evo and pays for admission then say buys a few things here and there from various companies that commonly occupy major tournaments. That’s good for business and the sponsors. So large scale tournaments like this should be about both competitors and spectators alike. To keep the spectators coming you should give them what they want.

Also I never once contested that entering tournaments was the best way to keep the game alive so I really don’t know why everyone keeps saying it like I don’t know that.

OK, so you want them to be aware of spectators? Then there’s a better way: Hype up the game. Get on social media and promote it. Tell your gamer friends, and their friends, and their friends. And when the next tournament comes, watch it. Sub to the channel streaming it if you want to.

I mean, the best way to show spectator support is to, you know, spectate things when they happen. One more viewer is worth a lot more than one line of text.