Petition to patch in room entry during matches


Can we please get Sega to patch the game so that it allows us to enter a room while matches are already in progress? I cannot stand looking for room matches only to see “No matches found”, because the fight is already under way. In Soul Caliber 5, SFIV AE, etc we can enter a room even when the match is in progress, and we simply wait until it ends. Why did Sega make this stupid design decision? It makes it look like there is hardly ANYONE playing the game online.


Yeah, this and the countdown timer are why I hardly ever join lobbies. In fact, I’m not even sure I’ve ever played in one at all.


That’s the thing…seems like so many people play ranked or player matches and avoid lobby matches because they’re turned off by the empty screen they see upon looking for a room. I for one, don’t want to have to resort to looking for a ranked match because I enjoy spectating fights and watching other guys duke it out. Spectating was a bullet point feature in this game so why come up with this dumb lobby design?


With the current design, the countdown timer is the only reason you see any rooms at all.
I support joining while match is in progress though. If that was added, then consider reducing the timer.


you would of thought they would of addressed this issue early and nip it in the bud.everyone’s in ranked match lol some people just wanna have casuals with new people.feels like the game is dead which turns people off but it seems to be far from the case




Hopefully Sega reads this and makes the change.


I think it’s like that so people that join won’t lag the match that’s happening at that moment.


Don’t change the system (lobby locked during match to prevent lag) but let host decide when start the game. If host want more players they just have to wait the time they want in a window of 0s or 30 sec.


Lagging the game when people join? Gimmie a break. We’re talking what…half a second of a frame due to having someone join the room? Is that REALLY gonna cost you the match? Please… :rolleyes:


Heheh. Well I think the spike would be a little longer than that :). And yea, with this being a frame and turn based game, it could very easily cost ya :slight_smile: your advantage (which could turn into the match) or maybe even the match, it could make you drop a combo, or an attempt to try and evade or punish the last hit.

Luckily for me at the moment, it just has been confirmed that this is one of the reasons the 30 second timer is there. It was originaly longer even! So that’s a part of why the netcode for this is so good. But i’ll let yall read for yourselves, i’m just re-typing stuff. Here’s the link, answers in 2nd post of link. and Haneda on VF5FS,


Yeah, it seems like whatever netcode they’re using doesnt really like people joining mid-match, so the timer is their workaround to get games to show up at all.
Sounds pretty fundamental so I doubt they will ever fix it, since presumably it means ripping out the netcode and doing something different.


I’ll sign this petition just so yall can be crying about people with bad connections joining your matches and lagging you badly causing you to lose


i know i said this on stream at EVO right next to sega - but they’re working on it.


who’s working on what?


It seems i’m one of the few to enjoy these design lobby’s choices.

For example, something i truly hate on SSFIV, it’s when you make a public place, someone with a bad connection will come here and make lagging your match between you and your friend, so yes, i hate that : you can do NOTHING, unless play and finish your match with lame lag and after that, come back to the lobby, and kick him when you see his bad connection.

About the 30s, it seems necessary for the netcode and the stability :

I think it’s not so annoying at all.

But yes, they are some things they should make to the online like :

  • Disable mic, remove players with bad connec etc…


During the 30 sec, we are still free to cancel the game and let another player take it, and it that case the 30 sec timer doesn’t reboot…
I’m sure the synchronize purpose is in the additionnal 5 sec AFTER the 30 seconds, that why we can’t cancel the trigger 1p/ 2p when the timer 30’ is done.

The 30 sec is only a time to let people enter the room.

Sega should let ppl skip the 30s if they want, the only thing the 30s does is discourage ppl to use the room mode…


Good news, a patch is on the way:

It will address the 30 second timer issue, but it doesn’t appear to do much else other than fix a training mode bug.


I played Room the other night and was able to shorten the timer. If people can join mid-match, I hope it doesn’t judder and cause input delay like in HDR, where you then can’t even kick super high ping players who spoil the whole thing.