Petition to Patch the Training Mode in MK9

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MK9 Petition to fix and improve the training mode
1. Request / what’s the problem : Training/practice mode is unpractical, heavily bugged and lacks essential features. This makes it hard for players all skill levels to learn their matchups properly, practice their set ups, test frame advantage, test wake up options, and just get better at the game.
1.1. List of problems encountered (needs to get fixed):
-Playback is often bugged (sometimes plays back recorded input in reverse especially when we modify AI settings before or after recording)
-Can’t record vs cpu
-Lacks essential features
-Lacks important information
1.2. Suggestions of features (needs to be added):
-Ability to record dummy scenarios like in SSF4
-Making stun and precise damage info viewable via a selectable option
-Making frame data available in the trainer would be much appreciated
-Ability to record ourselves fighting vs CPU
2. Consequences of having a lacking training mode: With the aggressive balancing and patching, we feel a good trainer is a necessity. People become frustrated with constant changes and having no means to actually test new tactics and strategies against said changes.
*Further more, lacking a good practice mode inevitably increases the learning curve for everyone (including top players). *
Also, people without means of practicing their favorite character and their most difficult matchups might end up playing known characters. What if the reason we only see Kung Lao, Kabal and Reptile in tournament is precisely a direct consequence of having bad trainer? As you all know, the lack of diversity in character usage in online and offline tournaments can potentially turn off thousands of viewers and gamers.
*So when you take time to think about it, having a bad training mode makes both NRS and MK9 lose credibility and indirectly makes you lose a big market, fan base, viewers and potential buyers. *
3. Reasons / why it needs to be done : MK9 is the best MK game so far. It has outsold Marvel and Portal in its starting weeks. It is a competitive game played by top fighting game players all over the world. If you want all those people to keep playing your games for years to come, buy your next games and take the MK franchise and NRS seriously, you need to treat your most dedicated players with respect. You simply cannot make a competitive fighting game without providing a decent practice mode for players to train and practice their characters and matchups.
*4. Support examples : Capcom’s SSF4 is your main rival competitive fighter. And they have an excellent bug-free training mode that allows players to record dummy scenarios, see hit stun and exact damage information among other. NRS needs to deliver equal or better tools for MK players. *
*As a professional gaming company, it is your duty to analyze and study the market and competitors to come up with a better product. *
5. Why do we believe it’s feasible: Capcom greatly improved their replay channel and added new features to SSF4 in a DLC. You’ve been constantly modifying characters since day 1 and have improved the netcode/online play. We all know it’s possible to fix the training mode and add new features. Just like it would be possible to add more challenges in the tower or add more content in the krypt. And we know you will do it if you care at all about The Mortal Kombat community.
*6. Conclusion: The Mortal Kombat community pleads that the training mode gets fixed in order to provide longevity in the Fighting Game community - we want to see MK in tournaments for years to come. *
*Because what matters most to us gamers is the actual gameplay. Not the graphics, sound or eye candy. *
*We love you NRS, we love this game and we will buy your DLCs to support you, but only if you support us in return by fixing what needs to be fixed first. *
The Mortal Kombat community
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I bet if this was about Rain or alternate costumes you guys would be all over this shit.

I’m surprised many have not been up on this!
I agree with you, 100%. A solid and practical training mode is essential.
It’s one thing to practice all of your character’s moves and BnB combos, but like SSF4, you’ll need it to put you in scenarios where the moves can work or not work.
Another good training mode is MVC3. You can run an actual match in training.

I thought Tom Brady already said next major patch will have training mode fixes and record…

No, Tom said he had no idea when and if NRS was going to fix it and add a recording feature.

I’m sure NRS are aware of the problems and they know a lot of people would really like a dummy recording feature.

The question is, will they bother working on something for free? Or will they charge money for a MK9 upgrade like Capcom did with SSF4? (the improved replay channel in the AE DLC). This is the most likely course of action imo. I can see Ultimate MK9 coming, with all DLC characters and costumes included, new challenges in the tower, more content in the krypt, a better training mode, better netcode and online features, friendships and brutalities etc. To be honest I would probably buy that.



I am sure that’s not what I heard him say on the Silent one’s show, I am going to go through the episode’s and find out where he said it… To charge for a recording feature would be stupid, DLC is firmly in the Casual players realm, they don’t give a fuck about a training mode and wouldn’t bother to purchase it.


I’m pretty sure Hector Sanchez said that this will be looked at in the NEXT game during one of the cali tourneys a month or two ago.

If your talking about the same episode I think your talking about he only states that its bad and needs work.

I also agree that practice mode needs works!

signed, of course!