Petition to Remove j.u+hp from the Game: Reason Inside



OK, I don’t REALLY want j.u+hp removed from the game. But…

wtf! Do you have any idea how frustating that was for me? I really thought it was gonna be a tie, the health looked pretty equal to me. :sad:

Maybe Super won’t have this issue.


glad i see other giefs abusing headbutt :bgrin:


super wont have this issue? the issue isnt the game or the move… its you.


600 stun FTW!


Every time you connected with that cr. MK you could have canceled it into your uppercut. Also, your uppercut at the right distance (most distances) will go right under gief and punish for free. That gief is just very familiar with playing against poor Sakura players who do not realize their options and mash that spin kick.


you should have used up blanka ball, or blanka slide…


im kinda faded right now and loving these


I laughed so hard…you don’t even know XDDD


What is there to fix in SSF4? People like you are exactly why so many things are nerfed in SSF4. Instead at looking at yourself and understanding why you keep falling for a simple trick like that, you blame the game, the mechanics and the other player.

Learn to THINK, rather than rush into the situation.


He was just playing with you , i do it alot when fighting stupid vegas specially the ones that taunt also you can do it free to scrub akumas that dont even know he have a teleport and will just mash srk (HB beats akuma srk),

I saw couple of those videos pretty funny and that music its awesome :rofl:


QFT! is this thread a joke or something. that vid was just a joke right? sadly, capcom listened to players like this and gief only lost things.


This is a serious thread and not just an excuse to post my vids or something!
It’s purely a coincidence that it looks just like this one.


The issue is you have no idea now to stop a move so you just come onto here and call it over powered. These threads are ridiculous. How the hell is this a serious thread? That guy was probably just messing around. Just go into training mode and set the dummy doing head butts and figure out a way around it. And no, shinprukens and low forwards are not the answer to headbutts.

On a side note, stop throwing those hados at that range. If it was a gief that wasn’t goofing around with headbutts, you would have lost even faster. He could have exghed you a million times over or simply just landed and SPD/Supered you. So yeah… learn the match up and quit your whining.


Wait, the OP lists his PSN as the same person who is playing the Gief in the videos and is complaining about abusing something he used to win a match?


Oh man, I laughed so hard lmaooo


Slowly, SRK starts to piece together the clues.


"Troll rule #3: Since these are only ranked battles, DO NOT LOSE! "

No points shown in the video. Therefore, FAKE and GAY!


seriously guys. my head hurts. cant stop laughing


Are you calling THE MIGHTY ZANGITROLL a liar?!

edit: [media=youtube]flki-4S8q08"[/media]


Those are quite possibly the best SF4 videos I have ever seen. Consider my cap tipped to you good sir. Fucking priceless.