Petty things that would have shocked your past self

“If you had gone back in time and told me [whatever] would happen, my brain would melt.” Normally, when people say this, it’s about something big. A black president. Phones you can play music and watch people fuck on. Big events/changes.

But everyone has some “if you’d told me…” event that’s really small (and probably only significant to them) in the grand scheme of things. Yet, it has just as much (if not more) impact for them as something huge.

I was watching The Dark Knight the other night, and realized: If you had told me in January 2008 that Barack Obama would actually become president, I’d raise an eyebrow. If you had said in the very next sentence that The Dark Knight would become one of my favorite movies ever, I’d pass out and leave 4 different colors of shit in my pants. No lie; my boxers would look like a Kwanzaa celebration. That was just impossible. Begins was OK, but no one could really save that series after Batman and Robin. But it happened somehow.

I was just wondering if somebody else had something like that.

I never thought I would be fit, a smoker, or happily married. None of these things are petty per se, but neither are Batman or the great and terrible reign of Barack Obama.

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10 years ago, I would be pretty surprised to be told that today I’d be making music rooted in funk and jazz as much as it is rock, considering that funk and jazz were two genres that I considered inscrutable at the time.

(I was a smart 18 year old, but even the smartest 18 year old is an idiot.)

on goodie’s note, similarly I’d just be surprised 10 years ago to find out I’m not into metal anymore

If I went back to my HS/early college self and told me I would be over 100 lbs lighter, packed with solid muscle, and training people to do the same, I wouldn’t believe it. This was a guy who hated all things to do with working out: the sweat, the fatigue, the soreness, all of it. Now I’m virtually a gym rat and a trainer.

Also, the black president thing. It shocked my past self.

As a 19 year old now, if I went back and told my 15 year old self that I got my drivers license on the first try, I’d be fucking shocked.

The me of five years ago wouldn’t believe that I would essentially become a parent as past me hated anything that had to do with children.

I wouldve told myself to start masturbating sooner…

20 yrs ago i lived and breathed sf2ce. would have shocked me that after everything i’ve been through, i’m back to ae2012. i suppose it’s like chess, or foosball, once you get into it, you’re hooked. and it never gets old.

ps: in '92 an snes firestick was $100. i just picked up a ps3 fightstick that’s built even better and it was only $60. neogeo aes was $600, which costs as much or more as any new system out there. meanwhile, a big mac combo was <$3 and now it’s about $6

That games would look better than Shenmue

Similar here with regards to music: used to exclusively just listen to grunge/heavy metal back then but nowadays I listen to all types of music. Classical music actually helps me calm down/relax after a hectic day at work.
Or maybe I’m just getting old.

That a bunch of guys wearing girl’s pants would overtake nu metal as the flavor of the month.

That I’d actually enjoy FGs.

In an attempt to cash in on the fighting game craze, Sonic the Fighters is available with netplay on next gen systems.

Go back tell myself street fighter 4 is a shit game and srk will be $rk. Street fighter2 will be joke in all tounamnents if it even there.

That I’d no longer dress or look like the rest of my Latino cousins/peers (spiked hair/buzz cut, hand-me-downs, Roca Wear and shit)

How horny women are.

if i would have given my self a 3ds i would have shitted in my pants

I never would have thought that Capcom would make another SF game. Also if someone explained SFxT gems and DLC to me I would have told them that they are full of shit.