Pffft. Dis kid died, but mah foodstamps and urrythang iz in dere


I know there is a vid section but this isn’t “random/funny”.

Seriously what the fuck is up with these kinds of people? And why haven’t they been purged? Wasn’t a senator from the south trying to offer money to people like that to get sterilized voluntarily? Now, I believe it’s okay to be stoic, but there is a difference between that and inhuman.


I also don’t understand how she was free to make the statements in the first place. She and kids’ mother should have been in jail as soon as fact that the kids were left alone came out. Beyond negligence. It’s almost good for the children that it happened, their mother/aunt obviously didn’t care about them, because the mother’s/aunt’s parents probably didn’t care for them growing up. It would have made another generation of that family with very low values, options, and places in life.


I think this is find for GD since we can debate the “topic” rather than the video.

Lack of a proper education. They don’t realize some of the shit they say are just plain ridiculous.



i can’t form words…


shit happens.



So what youre saying is… the food stamps are still there in the rubble somewhere?


Not excusin her behavior, but some people dun had a hard life, and don’t give a shit about nothin. Crazy business.

Of course in this case, who knows, she might be nuts, or she might just be an evil mean-spirited bitch.


damn man I just took a L for watching that vid and being black


How can you be outside laughing when your niece and nephew are in the fucking ICU.

Crazy bitch.


I wonder…is this lady black enough?


wtf is she talking about food stamps come on a debit card.


Six’s dad has got nothing on this lady.


She either is in shock or she truly doesn’t care that her negligence resulted in injury/death.


She’s not in shock, she’s high as fuck. When she comes down it’ll hit her crack-head ass.


She needs taken out back and shot.


well shes clearly a base head i mean just look at her. missing teeth n every thang

u just made my day


tennessee waddup
and ya the people who said she is high as fuck, are right


Sad. If you’re going to be a crackhead (already a burden on society), don’t bring innocent children down with you. This always happens; someone does something stupid, doesn’t get injured/dies, but the innocent victim does. Like in car crashes, you hear all the time about a family of 4 killed by a drunk driver, but the drunk escapes with minor injuries, etc. These women probably went somewhere to get high, and the kids burn to death.


I agree, the nigga in the front driving smoking a blunt with alcohol in system isn’t the one that dies, but the somebody just there for the ride does…

God is doing a damn good troll job lol…


yeah my thoughts exactly. Cracking jokes and demanding food stamps and laughing. 5 bucks says the mom and aunt set that fire


But wouldn’t they receive less food stamps if there were less children in the household? I’m unsure how food stamps work, but I’m assuming that is probably the case and God forbid these freeloaders receive less free stuff.