Pffft ! KOF XII isnt HD , THIS is HD!


( PS : sorry if this was posted b4 , i looked through the forum and didnt see anything , plus i thought it’ll liven the place here a bit , its really dead :sweat:)

I wonder what the animals in the background are thinking

yea it was posted already. I hope this doesn’t turn into another shitfest like the one in general discussion.


so what ? should i close the thread ? coz i dont want to get flamed to death :wasted:
just wanted to see if ppl will enjoy watching it coz i had a blast :sweat:

ehh i thought it was ok. Not much of a fan of these live action things. I’m spoiled by Kung Fu movies lol.

LOL its still awesome , i hope ppl here enjoy it
and ya kung fu movies rule !

Why are people linking to that ugly ass vid?

Boy I sure can’t wait for more of these kinds of threads when console release drops.


Sorry , that wasnt my intention when i made the topic , i just saw that the board is dead and thought this might liven it up a bit

I’m not trying to troll or anything :sad:

Dead? this board is very much alive, you need to go into the IRC chat lots of people there. Funny vid though, People’s Elbow FTL :stuck_out_tongue:

This x ?

this is actually pretty good

specially since mexicans don’t do much of this stuff( or not that I’d seen)

there are some hidden jokes many of you wouldn’t understand

like lol @ Chingo, too good

It’s still a crap video. Just sayin…

What are you expecting when it’s youtube?

Well, I enjoyed it.

I thought it was funny.

Video was funny, and reminded me of the funny shit my friends used to when we were in college. LoL

People are being too harsh on what is basically just a fan video. Someone even said they were spoiled by kung fu movies. Jesus, it’s a damn amateur film using special effects on a PC based on KOF.

Internet has spoiled people. This shit had me rolling.

hey, there are some vids on youtube that are funny and well made


Well, I thought that was awesome and hilarious. Especially Yamazaki :rofl:

Better than that crapfest of a movie they’re making, surely…

I thought it was awesome, Yamazaki pwns.