Pflugerville Thread?

my friends and I play Street Fighter 4 in Pflugerville, anybody down to game and get ready for upcoming tournaments?

really? no one in pflugerville?

Hey Austin, I don’t live in Pflugerville but I’m usually always down to play. I usually get together with a couple of friends to play.

i live in pflugerville i play everday but about to start playing down at UFO just because its hard to find good competition online now,i main viper and def not a scrub.

I work about 15 minutes from Pflugerville, I’d be down for some matches anytime

i live behind tinsletown… and i think im OK at sf4. I’l be aiming you guys up , we can game at your places.

hosting tonight at my place, get at me, 512-514-3439

I’m on the Pflugerville/Round Rock border. looking for more people to play with. Contemplating heading down to Arcade UFO on Friday night, though I like being able to play people for free haha. Arcade scene is great when you have competition but it can be expensive after a while.

You around the Louis Henna area?

indeed I am. My house is in the Cambridge Heights community.

Am considering having a SF4/KoF12(if desired) night at my house on Friday night this week, so if you live in the pflugerville area/surrounding area or feel like doing a small drive to meet up for some games, send me a message. Hopefully you’re not allergic or cats or dogs since both are at the house. I’ve got a TE stick and a Hori RAP3 available on PS3 for use but feel free to bring your own sticks. planning to have it be a night of good clean fun. :woot:

looks like Saturday the 19th will be a better day. Will be heading to UFO on Friday.

I’m in Round Rock off 79, in the Forest creek area. I play with two of my friends who live by Stony Point, and we’ve got some pretty good competition for you guys if you want. Hit me up if you ever wanna organize a get together or something, we’ve been playing each other far too much lately and would enjoy some change of pace.

if anyone would like to do some practice either tomorrow night (thursday) or Friday night let me know!

I can host if that’s preferrable.

Hey guys, I live in the killeen area. I would love to join in on any SF 4 sessions thats going around. you can find me on PSN as “drpeper”.