Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Overdrive has PS4 exclusive content. Worldwide release July 21, 2015

This looks great! Haven’t played the previous ones, but PS4 looks to be getting the definitive and most complete version.
It starts easy at first, but there are super hard unlockable difficulties like Impossible/Nightmare difficulties too.

This is probably the first console game since Guardian Heroes that’s a beat em up and fighting game at the sametime. :slight_smile:
(oh yeah, didn’t the makers of Code of Princess say their next Code of Princess game would be on PS4?
3DS didn’t do it justice. ) Maybe if Phantom Breaker makes it big on PS4, that could convince Sega to port Guardian Heroes HD
to PS4 (well Treasure would have to get convinced). Though an advantage Battle Grounds has over Guardian Heroes is that
level ups are saved, and campaign levels support 4 players co-op, and the fighting system and characters are more balanced.
It is strange Guardian Heroes didn’t give all the characters a standard moveset. I mean the townspeople couldn’t even jump, lol.
Well Overdrive is looking really great!!

And the mechanics have a lot of depth, here are some example:

From the gameplay details gathered, this could be really cool for single player, co-op and versus play. :slight_smile:
You know there should be a Fighting Vipers like PBBGOD.

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Also day one dlc for a character unlock from a shit anime that cost 6 dollars huh?

Anyways as someone that played the original it really doesn’t look like any real improvement has been made graphically or gameplay wise. Still not a true side scrolling beat em up imo because of the whole Fatal Fury background and foreground hopping, and the combos still look like dash anime fighter crap.

You would think that with it being on two rails like it is the characters would feel more different but they all seemed the same to me back then with every attack having the same exact commands to execute which was a huge turn off. Even the characters in SOM had different attack commands to some extent. 6 dollars for a reskinned character makes me wonder how much they are charging for this whole game…pretty sure the answer is too fucking much.

I heard the graphics are going to be at least PS2 quality. Confirm?

Sorry you are stuck with maybe ps1 graphics at best…

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I mean really all of you, is trolling your favorite game or something? Really no one cares about a Phantom Breaker unless it’s a fighting game? But oh, you do care if it’s Scott Pilgrim vs the world or a new Double Dragon beat em up (which ASW now has the rights to, but ASW seems to only care about fighting games. Hard Corps Uprising was great, if ASW makes a Double Dragon beat em up, it just might rival Double Dragon Advance. ).

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This game is sickeningly cute and looks like a more in depth Scott pilgrim. Im excited.

Another quality topic by affinity.

I mean seriously I dunno what it is but even the topics about games I like seem obnoxious as fuck, not everything is the best and most “revolutionary” thing since slicing bread.

5.99 DLC? I bought the game on steam for like 2 bucks lol.

Well I dunno, I guess some people are not as enthusiastic.

Hey, this is releasing today (7/23) right? At least that’s what a PSN blog said.

Here are some informative quotes, looks more advanced fighting system that it seems

And there are harder difficulties for the higher levels

Well people can’t say it’s too easy then. :slight_smile: How much unlockable characters this has? I think it has 3, but someone said there’s about 5, so there’s about 9 playable characters included, not counting Kurisu DLC. That’s a sweet amount for a beat em up. Fighting games aren’t the only genre that benefit from larger playable character rosters. :slight_smile: