PHARRELL and N*E*R*D at EVO 2010?

Let’s just say it’s not impossible…I do my part for promoting STAR TRAK ENTERTAINMENT and N.E.R.D. I was blessed to party on stage with the band on 7/30/09 in San Francisco,CA and was doing coverage on them on 8/1/09 in Hollywood,CA most recently.Some of the band and staff of their’s that I talked to said that performing at EVO 2010 was a “Cool Idea” I’m personally guessing that being booked ahead of time is key for them CAPCOM and SRK let’s get them out. How many players in the community would like to see this ? Holler at SRK STAFF !!! I will do my best to talk to their people and who doesn’t like Street Fighter !!! ??? . Let me know some ideas…For now enjoy my most recent videos with PHARRELL WILLIAMS and NER*D !!! Thanks for your years of support SRK Community.


PHARRELL and N.E.R.D with DR.B of RICH KID ACADEMY on stage in SF,CA





that would be fkin awesome!!

Two thumbs way up.

Of course that everybody is gonna say this is an amazing idea, but the problem would be the money
even if EVO gets a good deal, you have to remember this isnt the WSOP (their future events are already sponsored), sponsors are being chased all year long, so unless there’s a big donation from somewhere, this will be really hard since I dont think EVO can book something in advance.
Just my opinion though

Man DR.B your are really off the chain haha

Gotta dream big to win big, right?

This is an awesome idea! I’m sure there is someway to work out the booking in advance problem.

Spaz if you want to!!

do it dr b :cool:

Cool idea, I would get in touch with MrWizard, and see if you can work it out.

Dope idea! This might even bring more publicity to EVO in general and expose it to the mainstream.

Good point. That is when a sponsor would have to come in and we would have to get a big amount of players to come in next year.

This can’t be anything but mad nice for the community.

hell yeah do it!.. it’d be sweet to have a show like that… for real can i kick it with you when (not if) it happens? burn another one with dr. b for the 2nd EVO in a row… that’s gotta merit an award…

N.E.R.D was playing when I ran into this thread. MAKE THIS HAPPEN EVO!

dooo it!!

Aw hell to the yes. :slight_smile:

amazing idea

Oh My Goodness that would be great!

it has to be done. Maybe Lupe Fiasco too?!

as if i didnt think dr. b was my hero of evo2k9 he pulls this.

<3 pharrell and N.E.R.D oh so much.