Phase 2 Beta Feature/Gameplay Suggestions for Capcom Unity *Now on Capcom Unity*

We’re doing it again. For this one now that we know a bit more of some of the features that will be offered for SFV, it will be good to focus on getting a list of features that people would still like implemented. Then of course the typical gameplay/balance stuff.

- A strict punishment for people who rage quit. Make sure this is tested thoroughly so it doesn’t accidentally negatively affect the person who didn’t drop. The game should be able to tell close to 100 percent of the time who dropped and punish them effectively for it.

- Make hit boxes and frame data available in training mode and an active displaying frame data tool whenever you land an attack on hit or block. Would be preferred to have VF/DOA style active frame data listing where you can bring up an active menu that displays the data mined in the game everytime you land an attack.

- The ability to record a combo or set up and then restart at any point during the middle of said combo or setup. Like if you want to practice timing the last 3 hits of a juggle combo, you can just restart right before the last 3 hits of the juggle combo instead of having to perform the entire combo again. If you’re trying to practice blocking against a setup you can rewind to right before the setup crosses up or goes high/low.

  • Allow players to choose whether they want to be on player 1 or player 2 side in local vs mode before the character select screen.** This would make things a lot easier for tournaments or just casual play so people don’t have to hold home buttons, switch controllers or even switch seats just to be on the right side of the screen.
  • An actual TUTORIAL mode for the game that teaches people how to play SF.** There are still a lot of people who just play games and don’t read forums or watch streams much. Have them at least get a way to get quick entry into the competitiveness of the game by having the computer train them in aspects like anti airing, footsies, hit confirming, blocking, tech throwing, basic bnbs, educating them on how and why “cheap/spammy” tactics are beatable etc.

Guilty Gear Xrd did a good job creating different challenge trials where you learn how to do deal with things in the neutral.

**- With rollback netcode being utilized, allow us to see the exact ping numbers for our opponents **and give us a visual of how many frames of delay we are encountering during the fight like GGXrd. Allowing us to adjust that delay like in 3S OE or GGPO would be nice also.

**- Add in features that help eliminate issues with pausing or wireless controller synch issues during tournaments that are notorious for negatively effecting big matches. ** A function that stops issues with people pressing the home/share/options during matches would be nice as well. People are regularly accidentally hitting share and options buttons which brings people back to the home screen.

  • Online Training Mode**

**- Tournament Ready Mode that sets all rounds, timer and other things to the default necessary for tournaments. **It should first ask for which side of the screen each player wants to be on, ask for button input check then go straight to the select screen. If possible, make sure all colors, outfits and characters are unlocked for this mode. Disable trophies for this mode as well.

- Create a player card/stat tracking profile feature for players that can show off things like what tournaments they’ve won, their battle points online and pre set all of their button config and character color/accessory options. Like a more robust version of what’s used in the arcades for SFIV, Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Let this be something that people can use for offline battles and tournaments.

- Frame skip in training mode and replays so we can freeze and see individual frames of things that are happening.

**- 2/3 or other options for ranked. **Possibly when you move up far enough in ranked you can make games 2/3 or higher to promote adapting to people’s play and less getting points just for going wild on the opponent for one match.

  • When people aren’t watching streams, give them options to spectate other people playing ranked or in lobbies right from the game itself.** Like allowing up to 20 or more people to purely spectate instead of play. A large set of ways to create, save and distribute replays would be nice as well.

- All play feature for lobbies. In lobbies let everyone switch between playing other people like at a BYOC or Japanese style LAN cabinet. If everyone is online there isn’t a need to have people in traditional single file line on one lobby/cabinet. Give us options to play or spectate different parts of the lobby at anytime. Sitting in a traditional long 6 to 8 person line is very archaic and gives that feel of everyone crowding around the one machine the day a new fighitng game released.

Gameplay: (Includes some of the stuff that I felt are still relevant from the last post with some newer stuff)

  • **We heard that you plan not to add in any balance patches during the Capcom Cup season after the game launches. ** There has been a lot of messing around with data during the beta and it’s got us feeling that you will not adhere to this after launch. Please save the changes after releases until after the season is over so we can adjust to a meta and simply play the game and learn our characters and matchups.

- Get rid of the invincible frames on a PP or KK quick rise that make it overly difficult to meaty people as they rise back up. Make it more like Alpha where there are vulnerable frames as people roll back up.

  • Revert stun values on throws and heavies back to 200. ** At least for the characters that aren’t super mix up heavy. 150 stun is rough for a game that’s trying to emphasize use of heavier buttons and harder to tech throws.

**- Adjust pushback on hit and block for attacks. ** Pushback on blocked jabs should be lessened, pushback on negative heavy normals and specials like fireballs should be increased. Pushback on hit lights still seems a bit rough.

- Make hit/hurtboxes react more naturally. Some things are still visually way off.

- Increase range for lower normal hurtboxes.

  • Improve walk speeds a bit, especially for characters that have slower speeds like Bison, Birdie and Nash. Would prefer something closer to old game walk speeds for characters. Especially if throws are as short ranged as they are.

- Improve throws (will add to this as throw damage/stun was changed again).

- Either increase the time that white chip from normal lingers or make the white chip damage larger. Right now walk speeds seem to be too slow and the white chip recovers too quickly for it to be something that will hugely effect matches.

- Continue to emphasize block stun and allowing a majority of block strings to be true block strings. Only jabs creating true block strings in SFIV really limited the type of pressure you could apply in conjunction with the invincible dashes.

- Try to create a better medium between fireball and anti fireball options. There seems to be a lot of anti projectile options per character and don’t want another SF game where the projectile zoning characters always have to be walking on eggshells with every projectile they throw. Projectiles should be pertinent and players should have to learn to get around them with spacing and patience rather than just have a ton of tools to bypass them.

- Allow draw games to reset the round or award neither player a win and move to the next round. No more both players being awarded a win.

Revert stun nerfs on heavies.

Revert nerfs to throws.

Matching animations for wakeup and normals.

Capcom pls

The game is to easy, the combo system is to limited, and I got bored with the game very quickly. I only played 5 hours of the BETA and even that was too much… The game speed needs to be increased, there needs to be more links, normals need more range, combos need more variety, more technical characters with higher execution requirements are needed. There are so many things that need to be done it’s disheartening. Command grab range is pathetic and I hate command grabs also lights need to be buffed back to traditional SF levels.

  1. Post-KO shenanigans. For the love of God.
    By shenanigans, I don’t mean anything crazy; the freedom we had in Vanilla SFIV would be cool, in my opinion.

  2. Also, ragequitters need to be punished. With more perks like Fight Money being added this time around, there’s more for them to potentially lose than Battle/League Points. If you can implement a deterrent sharper than the one employed in USFIV, that’d be great.
    Disconnects happen so sometimes a match is cut short due to neither player’s fault. I’m guessing that a way to differentiate between the two scenarios either doesn’t exist or could just be exploited anyway. But if I was speaking 100% for myself here, I wouldn’t mind taking a heavier loss on an honest disconnect if it meant there would be less intentional ones across the board.

The pushback in blocked ken and chun jabs is fine. The problem is the pushback on HIT jabs. Block and hit pushback should be relatively equal. If they really wish for huge pushback on hit jabs then it should also apply to blocked ones. Personally though i use mediums now. Its basically a punish to hit with jabs for most charaters now.

Remove corner cross ups. Was talking to BAS and this was one of the things he found most disconcerting.

Increase walkspeeds.

Reduce recovery on normals.

Every character’s should be special cancelable.

Yeah corner cross ups is another one of the things I couldn’t stand about IV, but there was just so many other things wrong with the game for me that I forgot about it. I’ll add that. Stupid that you can just coin drop mix up people who already are in a bad position.

What’s the explanation for wanting every c.MK to be cancelable?

He wants low punish for throw mixups. I dont mind corner crossups, but if they are hoing to stay in they need a much better implementation than whats going on in 5. Would also like it if they simultaneously made regular crossups easier while taking away the ambiguous nature of them. Crossups as a strategic tool to get in is fine, but having them also be mixups that are super hard to block/completely ambiguous is really dumb.

More of a personal preference. tends to be the go to long range low poke and IMO, characters with a good ranged that’s special cancelable have a leg up over those who don’t. I mean, that tends to be the case in most SF games, but I feel that the pushback issues in this build are gonna exacerbate this more.

I guess this is more me wishing that all characters had a reliable, special cancelable low normal (not just

Having a low attack which you can perform from a blocking position is already an instant advantage as opposed to other standing normals which are cancellable.
It’s a strong tool that almost immediatly ups a char their neutral game, having it being cancellable gives a knockdown which gives an opportunity to set up an advantageous situation. Atleast that is my take, and it being universal doesn’t give one char a advantage above another atleast in that aspect. Well, that was my take on it, i’ll let D3V explain his reasoning, but i agree that it should be cancellable…because why not.

As for suggestion, though some wil be the same that were mentioned in the OP already, ill still write them down:
[] Quick Button function shouldn’t clear the input when you press the same button which was already assigned on.
] Make ranked 2/3
[] Online training, which should be a given by now.
] An expansive tutorial mode, which goes over fundamental FG aspects and more SF specific aspects. First of all the mechanics of the game, links, chains, cancels, crossups, theching throws, super meter, the V-System. Then fundamentals such as anti airing, hitconfirming, footsies(spacing and whiff punishment, though tough subject to explain, show how to deal with different type of normal attacks) etc.
[] As another part of the tutorial mode, basic primers per character, nothing too expansive because people will find better stuff and it’ll be put n youtube or another videosite eventually and thus making a detailed tutorial obsolete.
]Challenge mode, this should be more than simply trying to perform a tough combo, though that should be in there too but it can be so much more and above all, helpfull. Make practical and fun challenges which also teaches beginners practical ways to deal with common situations. A few examples:

  • create a scenario where you have to block either a normal jump or a crossup.
  • create a scenario wher eyou have to frametrap and et a counterhit and combo from that
  • create a scenario how to deal with crossup attempts by either going air to air or dashing under them or sliding away(vega)
  • create scenario where you have to block a frametrap or tech the throw
  • create a scenario how to deal with projectiles from different ranges, by neutral and forward jumping, using v-skill, ex specials, super etc etc
    GGxrd had a great idea with these challenges which were fun and usefull.
    ] Give option to show ingame frame data, hit and hurtboxes, something like DOA5 did it great, it immediately gave all the numbers of the move you threw out on screen.
    The frame data that is shown should be calculated realtime by the moves itself, startup, active and recovery frames. Not like MKX where they had a seperate list which they manually filled with the data. A recipe for inacurate frame data.
    [] Not a feature but a mode, KOF style. 2v2, pick two characters and when the first character lost in first round the meter will carry over to the 2nd character.
    ] Ability to form “teams”, and challenge other teams, something World Tekken Federation also did.
    [] An UI feature, in UFIV you could move the HUD, during the beta i could only move the life and meter bars vertically, not horizontally, i dislike how often the meter bars are obstructing my view of the characters their normals, especially low attacks.
    ] Allow for customization of the HUD, visual hit/block effects and sound effects, announcer etc, make them unlockables. Some of which Tekken 7 is also doing.
    [] A lobby system where all can play one another, similar to GG xrd, instead of waiting your turn like King of the Hill.
    ] Add an ingame messaging system when you’re in a lobby, for people without mics.
    [] If a stage has another part to it, make it possible to start there during training. For instance starting in the restaurant on the “Bustling Side Street” stage.
    ] Newsfeed!! It should show stuff like changes to characters and the system, upcoming dlc, upcoming and ongoing tournaments, results, current standings of players within Capcom Pro Tour etc.

[] Increase walkspeed for the slower characters.
] Make the hitboxes more true to their animation(having increased walkspeed makes it also easier to deal with improved hitboxes on normals)
[] Increase throw range slightly and make throws 1 frame faster.
] I’m bothered by the fact so much things allow for a quickrise(everything), and it’s hard to keep pressure. At the moment people are not quickrising or better yet, doing a back recovery enough and so people can still do an ambiguous setup or a meaty from that, which will happen less and less once people catch on. I would like every character to have just 1 hard knockdown(super doesnt count, it often leaves you too far away or not enough time to get anything from it). I suggest, and i believe others have as well, maybe bind a hard knockdown to an EX move, so atleats it costs a bar.
[] I noticed immediately how hard it is to time meaties in this game after a quickrise, it however didn’t dawn on me completely untill i read the OP, def not a fan of those invincibility frames.
] Already mentioned in GD so i’ll just quote what i wrote before:

I agre with most gameplay suggestions so i won’t write down the same shit, maybe something later comes to mind, too tired atm.

Yeah that’s about it, i’ve completely let go of lights comboing into mediums, however i would still very much like to see lights comboing into another light into a special move. Just looks messy if i see people mashing cr.lp and not converting it.

As for corner crossups being gone, i would like to still have them, a player has to play with the consequence in mind that if their crossup gets blocked…you just put yourself in the corner.

@LockM that’s pretty much my reasoning.

Revert nerfs for all characters, keep new buffs as well, make everyone really really good.

Mostly copy/paste:

They have to fine tune the rollback netcode obviously. It’s good but it needs to be better.

They have to stop the emphasis on Jab, Jab, Jab frame trap shit. Give jabs more startup and take away the Jab into Special combos. It’s difficult to tick throw because Jabs have deceptively fast startup. Upclose the game devolves to: Jab, Jab, Jab, MP or HP, jump in again if they blocked, Jab, Jab, Jab, tick throw. I want throws to have 2 frame startup. I’m fine with getting rushed down. I’m not fine with some mook mashing crouching Jab and I can’t reversal it.

Lessen pushblock on blocked jabs.

They need to examine the oki game on Quickrise. The player quickrising or even just doing doing a regular wakeup seem to have deceptive invincibility or something netcode related is going on. If I do a meaty on their wakeup I should not be thrown or jabbed out and they shouldn’t be able to jump out. It just devalues Oki completely.

Make Bison’s LK Scissors safe on block again.

Make Bison’s Psycho Inferno a Quarter Circle move again.

Take away Bison’s teleport dash. It moves him too far forwards and isn’t reliable. I’m fine with V-Trigger being his go-to for teleports. I just want him to have a regular dash forward.

I wouldn’t mind Bison’s walk speed being increased but this is relatively low priority.

This, I know some people want more frame traps, but they shouldn’t be off jabs. Jabs are the go to “get off me” option of panicky players who don’t want to risk reversal. It’s disconcerting to see people get rewarded for just pressing buttons in panic mode.

Give Ryu his tools back.

Donkey Kick. With EX doing wall bounce.

Give Ryu his tools back.

I’m talking about all the shit they nerfed from Beta 1 to Beta 2.

Doesn’t really matter in the long run to me though cause I’m going to have to stick to Balrog once he is introduced, if those leaks become a reality.

Make it more like sf4 is all it needs.

SK - Is still safe if you time and space it correctly. This is how it was for most of its history by the way. SF4 is the exception.

Inferno - I don’t mind this either way, but I’d rather have a good Inferno that’s a charge move than a mediocre one that isn’t. I would prefer it stays as a charge if they made the charge inputs more lenient so you can utilize the charge stored for any move.

Teledash - No, away with you! If anything, they should back his backdash into a teledash to keep things consistent.

I just need non-Ex Psycho Blast to be awesome, I’m overall content with the Bison I’ve seen.

  • Jabs need to be less reliable. Make them 4 frames, slightly increase pushback on block and set frame advantage on block to neutral.
  • Remove invincibility from quick rise. It makes it difficult to land meaties.