Phat toi's party, results as they come in, LIVE... dipset dipset

I’ll be updating every 5 mins or so, shit is on fire, aaron = lloyd banks. Nuff said.

ggxx has started, 10 peeps

first round, drunk doosey loses to josh magnos(NSJ)

fuck pam’ron

nice haha, why u start so late, tell aaron i said “hands up nigga”

Where’s the rest of the updates?

new update, this is pozzle btw…

sorry i couldn’t post but other ppl were on the comp…

3s just finished:
1st. Albert “pigadouken” Nyguen(ca) Ken/Dudley
2nd Diante “Iceman” Evananananns(Az) Yun
3rd. Phat fucking Toi(Ca)Ken
4th. Josh Magno(ca) Yun

Diante winz winners 3-2
albert beats phat 2-1
Albert wins: 3-0, 3-0

cvs, is taking up so much time and it’s so boring and losers is 2/3, got damn, dipset son.

Marvel just began first round, some ppl left, prolly cuz of cvs. fuck fuck.


Hand it to me…

Good shit Albert and Josh!!!1

Cvs is in winners finals barely, zugg vs. albert

bill beats albert: 2-1
justus beats aaron 2-1
phat beats junior 2-0
fernie bats aaron 2-1
mike beats julius 2-0
TONG G beats mike 2-0

ps: aaron is mad good at cvs, shit gotta hand it to em…

comon julius “action” jackson

cvs pdate, zugg wins winners, 2-1 i think
albert vs. taiji going on right now

taiji wins

zugg wins in the finals

winners finals: pozzle vs. magnus… to being soon

you left out a result…

PHAT TOI **OWNZZZ!!111!! ** mike ross. for fuckin free.

and tony g. You guys are too thug for me.

this is phat toi BTW

well heres the top 4 in mvc2, i think mvc2 had like 28 ppl. shit was tiring but the TACOS WERE BOMB

1- ME THE FUCKEN RILLEST IRON MAN IN THE GALAXY, and oh yea i’d like to dedicate this win to all the pad USERS IN THE WORLD cuz i held that shit down
2- chris aka magnus aka i thought u died
3- the homie potts aka DIPSET
4- Ace aka TAIJI aka im doing hyper grab tempest on phat toi to try to win, but shit didnt work cuz pad owns everyones life

alot of shit went down, but i’ll post more later. Im tired ass fuck

peace ~1~

good shit running the tourney phat toi, the power of the pad is too much, and the food owned :cool:

Good shit to everyone for showing up. It was good times.

Cept for fools that didn’t pay in cvs2. Shady monetary dealings.:mad:

GG to Albert, finally got to play ya. Definitely did not disappoint.

potts = scrub

Teams for CvS2 (up to 5th, can’t remember the placings beyond thet) , for popoblo, cuz he’ll be curious =P

  1. ZuggZugg - K-Geese/Blanka/Sagat, A-Geese/Blanka/Bison, C-CBS
  2. Taiji - A-Chun/Iori/Sak/Bison
  3. Pigadoken - P-Ken/Cammy/Kyo/Yama/Sagat
  4. Filthy McNasty - P-Yama/Geese/Rugal
  5. Aero - C-Vega/Blanka/Sagat
  6. Kennywood - K-Sagat/Cammy/Hibiki/Blanka, A-Hibiki/Sak/Blanka, C-E. Honda/Cammy/Blanka

Haha getting home at 6:15 AM, too good. It was fucking dope. Thanks to my twin for putting this shit together and for the food, it was bomb. Good Shit to AZ for coming down too, you guys are hella chill and i can’t wait to go up to an AZ tourney. g’night lol

kenny when the fuck did you start playing A groove batch?

Way to not win Albert.

i would have came, but i had work…


dipset is a problem

you don’t wanna see my block forming
that’s a 101 dogs
and i don’t mean the ones with spots on em

i just wanna say welcome to evo this shit is gonna suck fucking big black dick’ props to aero who took me out in loosers and props to the realist who handled sick 'good food and lots off laughs all fucken night :lol: and sorry who ever i beat last night the sticks sucked ass but none the less great turn out ill be ready for the next just rougatize that shit:evil: :bluu: :bluu:

yeah, fucking blue box came out at least 10 or 15 times last night in Marvel =\ If we were at evo, those blue boxes would’ve been a straight loss for whoever it came out on =\

lol dont apologize you pwn the world, u beasted on me and sandbagged cause u never busted out silver samurai.

Also, Fernboi is gay and prefers men.