Phatty's Abel & Balrog

Check out my some of my work I’m planning to use for a custom stick.

PhattyMikey on deviantART
PhattyMikey on deviantART

This is my first time going digital. It was alot of fun but sooo much time and work went into it. Hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think

lol these are really interesting. they’re really clean and well thought out. i like it a lot!

I like that look, little bad ass mofuckas.

that’s pretty clean for a 1st timer.

You should make some short comics with these.

oh my jesus, I love them. AKUMA NEXT!!! <3

id pay for an iron man artwork like that. what u make it with flash? looks like a cartoon network shows artstyle

Thanks guys, I appreciate the much needed feedback since I’m a virgin when it comes to digital art.

I plan on doing some comics and stuff like “awkward zombie, roosterteeth, pennyarcade, etc” since I’m highly influenced by them and I’m always coming up with ideas in my head.
I used Illustrator since the clean vector graphics go well with the stlye.

good job! Bring on some Gouki! XD