Phil Fish and Keiji Inafune call out modern Japanese games/devs


Phil Fish (Fez) says modern Japanese games suck:

Keiji Inafune wants Japanese game devs to step up:

What do you think? Are modern Japanese games terrible? Are Fish and Inafune blowhards?


EDIT - Fuck Phil Fish. Can’t believe I ever defended that clown.


I remember the days Japan made great games, and Korea made lousy cars. These are strange times.


Platinum Games being the exception.


Both coasts make awesome and shit games. I get awesome stuff from both sides of the ocean, I just do a little research into the stuff I plan to buy.


I think Japan definitely needs to step it up in the RPG genre. JRPGs are so cliched and tired; angel wings, emofags, and booboo ass plots. Plus, quit borrowing shit from European history; so tired of fake sounding german names and victorian english nurses with big asses and magical powers showing up in those games.

I think the persona series, by Atlus, was pretty inspired, however.


Well, Gravity Rush looks great :confused:


I think Inafune is dedicating his words to Capcom and Phil Fish said later that some people misinterpreted his words.

I think Europe and America have more human resources than Japan actually, they make good games anyways.


Persona series is fun but lets quit pretending it isn’t anything but more wore out cliches. The biggest problem at this point is basically everything has been done.


Something lost in translation with Inafune’s comments? What does he mean when he says their games were used to winning? In what context? Highest selling, profit margin, critically reviewed? Is Nintendo exempt from the Japanese games industry? Even with the Wii falling to third the last couple years and 3DS’ poor launch they still boasted the highest profits this generation.


I should’ve clarified.

When i talk about Persona, i mean Persona 1 & 2. I thought those games were excellent, set in modern times with heavy occult lore incorporated into its gameplay. I think Persona 3 & 4 were good too, but were more decidedly anime than the first two (aka, used more cliches), and i think that is because they changed art designers between the games.


I agree that JRPGs are what need the most improvement. However, I think part of the problem is that the more unique RPGs get little attention while a less deserving game gets the spotlight.

As for Phil Fish’s comments, I’d like to know what he specifically doesn’t like about them, because saying that you hate Japanese games in general doesn’t tell me much. Also, he should probably learn to convey messages better, because merely saying that they suck isn’t a good look, and just comes off at looking like a random Internet jerk. It’s no wonder he was criticized at GDC.


I don’t really get much RPGs these days. The last JRPG I bought was Resonance of Fate and while that game was pretty decent, the plot was damn terrible. Also, I agree on that whole European shit lol. It’s Mad boring, they just stick to their comfort zone and that’s probably why they’re being called out.

Good thing I have Platinum who give me a boulder of crack every time they release a game.


Just read the IGN article. Should have been a non story really, it’s someone making a blanket statement without giving any reasoning behind it. Kinda like people who hit and run threads with a one word (usually flame bait) reply to an OP question and isn’t seen again for the remainder of the thread.


Valkyria Chronicles is the only Japanese RPG (with european themes) that i really liked this generation, unfortunately the second game was terrible for me, too bad because the third game was awesome and they refused to bring it to america.


Japan loves using western history and mythology in their games, which is funny because the US sure doesn’t reciprocate that :lol:


GameSpot has a small vid with Jonathan Blow in it, and there’s a part where he talks about what he doesn’t like about Japanese games. While I agree with what he said, you can make the same case with Western games so it’s not just one side the world making these mistakes.


Cause Beat Takeshi is a fucking racist. We don’t want to have sex his uneducated bitches anyways.


If you can’t get your game out in a timely manner, you don’t get to pop off at anyone else before your game is out :coffee:


He sounds like a Tuna Fish Mascot.


First off I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about dat Fez trailer, the premise of converting 2d into 3d and back to 2d in real time is really promising let’s hope the game play makes good use of it. Also that music was GDLKE, it got me hyped for what was basically a spinning camera:rofl:

Asking if Japanese games suck on a forum populated with a majority of closet weeabos won’t end well:lol: but yeah totally agree modern jap games can suck a dick.


I’ve been hype for Fez for like a year now, but dude needs to get his game out before he gets to be snarky about other people’s games :coffee: