Philadelphia, PA University Family Fun Center Tourny SSF4:AE, MvC2, SF3:3S 1/23/11

SSF4:AE Top 8 (36 players)

  1. Dr. Chaos
  2. Julian R
  3. Demon Hyo
  4. Josh Wong
  5. Marlin Pie
  6. Skye T
  7. JD
  8. Ninja Zephyr

SF3:3rd Strike (12 players)

  1. Marlin Pie
  2. Mr. Quotes
  3. Dankah

MvC2 (10 players)

  1. Demon Hyo
  2. Josh Wong
  3. Damian

AH3 results soon

Thank you all for coming to support UP. Your patience is very appreciated considering the limited set ups available. Also a huge thanks to Jaleel of for putting up so many fantastic prizes.

Had a very good tournament for the first one back at UP.

Vids of 3s and one of SSFIV are up at YouTube - ThirdStrikeParty’s Channel


Players thread is up for next months tournament at UP.

Thanks for putting everything together Big E. Thanks for running a 3S tournament.

It would be nice if next time we can get 3S on japanese sticks.

Thanks again BigE for helping get everything together. As much as I hated those American parts on the 3S machine I understand that you tried to get that on a Japanese setup but I guess it just didn’t work out in the end. Still, If the cab had Japanese sticks I would definitely make it to UP for casuals more often and I don’t mind paying 50c for it, jus saying,

Also, thanks to whoever was taking photos of the event (guy with the glasses I think?) I’d love to check them out online.

shoutouts to all the new people who came out yesterday. great to see some new faces in the scene. yall should come out more often

Had a blast last night! Congrats to Dr Chaos for the win. The man is unstoppable even after a few Rum and Cokes. lol Thanks for supporting in buying some SINIX buttons, too! Will have them restocked on the site tomorrow night!

I wish I had gotten there on time and that I could have stayed longer…had fun!

I have some cell phone videos of the AE tourney at my Youtube account.

YouTube - dynicksty’s Channel

GGs to all I played.

AH is to god like actually have a copy now time to get my bnbs down so I wont have to just spam IAD B and C.

Jaleel of it to cool. deff need to order some stuff from focus attack.

Tokyo Tea FTW!:looney:

Yes guys focus attack is where to go to get your parts.