Philadelphia players?

Specifically looking for Super Turbo or 3rd Strike players.

Would also be cool to find some good Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 players.

I live near center city/unniversity city. Post it up guys.

I live in Philly and I DO play those two games actually (and some more) and too live in center city. Whenever you want to hook up for a match…

Do you play on console, computer, or arcade?

Console and arcade(preferred). Playing online is still pretty new to me.

im so so at both games, im a big ddr player though, sucks no one else in philly is

There are some DDR players that are in my school but only one that’s awesome. I havent seen a song he didn’t own, you might like him as a challenge.

Majestic Gryphon is a good DDR player around Philadelphia.

His name is Brian, I haven’t seen him in a while though.

I’ve seen many a good DDR player hanging around him too.

Ig, yea I can’t do the arcade thing. Gives me bad carple tunnel syndrome.
I’ll play on any console though.

If you guys have good friends who are good at DDR, give me their screen names please, I am dying for some competition, I used to play in ny with the best, now I dont find anyone in philly who is on my level.

Well, Brian/Majestic Gryphon never really went online because he didn’t have a computer.

He joined my rap group the Fresh Breath Collective, and actually, since then I haven’t really seen hide nor hair of him.

He goes to Gameworks from time to time, I haven’t been there in so long…tis the reason I haven’t seen him.

Sure I can play on console no problem. I am perfectly comfortable with it.

I’m not from Philly, but I do know of a place… University Pinball. Corner of 42nd and Spruce. Fighting game players wet dream. Many good fighters there, but not sure if for Turbo or 3rd Strike. MvC2 gets alot of play time, as well a T5. Demon Hyo and Josh Wong (as well as alot of other good ppl) are there occasionally. Try there.

they dont have both 3s or ssf2x there anymore. they were replaced. they still have mvc2 and cvs2 last i checked. It changed alot within the last year or 2. They used to have rumblefish 2 over there too but that’s gone.

they have now i believe…
neo-geo colliseum
multi-cade- good for all 3 cps1 street fighters.
x-men vs. street fighter
possibly other fighters I’ve missed…

I’d like it alot more if they were played more…Perhaps I show up at a bad time. Any good time to show up when any competition is around for these games?

Only time I go there is on Saturdays, because I don’t live in Philly.

U can catch alot of older ppl there between 12- 5. I only seen good/great ppl there afta 7, unless there was a tourney.

i usually go on fridays at around 2-3ish… No one really (unless it’s mvc2, which I’m not all to hot in)… I’ll try catching people on saturdays then. I’ve heard good ppl show up on saturdays (went a few times but I got nothing!), I’ll try again.

I used to play ST there on occasion.

One time I played MvC2 there, about two years ago.

Got a perfect on some guys Cable with my Gief.

Too bad I suck with everyone else in that game. : (

(I secretly neglected to tell you he beat me like ten times, and twice hit me with a triple air hyper viper beam)

I’m way too poor to go there now though.
I mostly play on DC and Xbox now.

I prefer Gief in MVC1. He could at times keep up with the other characters in MVC1.

Once in a while I got some competition for (never on SSF2X) Street Fighter, which was 1 every 2-5 trips to the arcade. My school lacks competition to satisfy me in Street Fighter(and just about every 2D fighter) in general, so I get my “competitive fix” over there sometimes.

Now going back into topic…
Sure Pimp, I can play on a console no problem, if you’re still interested in some 3s and ssf2x competition anways.

Yea of course I’m interested. When/where should we meet up?

Anytime from wednesday afternoon(about 430) to sunday. That’s when Im free from school for the week.

I would honestly like… Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon(about 3ish), or Saturday. I could do the other days(Thur. & Sun.) I didn’t mention but these are the days best for me.

UP no longer has sfa3 or xvsf (or sc2 i think). i was there last night. instead they have some shitty ps2 cab for ea sports games and 3 “xbox live” cabs to play boring xbox games. UP is going down the tubes… plus 3 mvc2’s and no 3s or st? i mean come on.

They probably aren’t really pulling in monies anymore.

Arcade’s are not as popular as they used to be.

Do the Xbox Live cabs at least have Anniversary Collection?