Philippines [Yeah, right]


Okay, so i wanna start this with:
Meanwhile on the Philippines:
ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4, Xbox, 360, ONE, WII they cost a ton, it is an expense that would only be available for the rich. Even a GBA/PSP is a luxury, oh god,

Tekken currently the most popular, but the majority are scrubs and people who just want to show off their scrubby memorized juggles, oh please…

SF, No. One. Ever. Plays.

And guess what.

Soul Calibur, RIP.
How it goes: Soul Calibur -> Soul Cali -> Soul -> So ->
Not even a single soul.

UMVC, MVC, SNK, KOF, all 2D fighters: There are a few exceptional players who gives the most effort but with the state of competition locally, they might as well be scrubs in a big scale.

What’s the solution:


Solution 1:
PS3 costs P8K for a second-hand with “good condition”.
Now, you need to buy a game, oh god. Guilty Gear XRD R1 is P2k.
Oh god, a single game costs 1/4 of the console.

Ranging P10K the cheapest you can get.

Now, you’re all set. NOT.

Welcome to the world of PING and the dreams of LAG, the world of disconnection and the insanity of frustration.


And then you realize that TEKKEN 7 ain’t working on a GENESIS cd-rom.

Same for Guilty Gear XRD.

*Why did i made this thread? Why did i made this account for such a thread? God, please help us.


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