Philips 21:9 hdtv

The Cinema 21:9 screen features a large 56-inch screen, allowing movies in the 2.39:1 format completely fill the screen, just how the movie director intended.

Pretty cool, but damn thats a long tv, and it means other movies will have bars on the side if not 2.39:1. Still interesting, your thoughts?

^ This is the reason I still have a SDTV. The second I buy one 1080p/HDMI will be a joke.

“Traditional LCD televisions compromise on this experience by distorting the picture to fill the screen ? losing the full scope of the original shot ? or by displaying the picture in letterbox format with black bars at the top and bottom.”

You mean that you still get letterboxing on an HDTV? What the hell was the point of widescreen if they didn’t use the right aspect ratio? That seems dumb.

Only some movies you get black bars, others fill the screen. This is sorta a gimmick cause the other aspect ration (1.85:1) will get black bars on the side lol. You will have one ratio that fills the screen and one that doesnt either way. The only way to get rid of blank bars is to enforce one aspect ratio, which is stupid and would never happen.

I saw these about 10 years ago…maybe longer ago than that. They had them in the back room of the Sony Store - I always thought they were retarded.

Anyways, waste of money IMO…that is unless you plan to watch purely movies.

There can be only one master ratio… 4:3! /fail

1:85:1 is pretty close to 2:39:1, so the letterboxing should be minimal, or you could crop it without too many headaches.

I would actually buy one of these if I was going with a home theater setup.

16:9 is pretty much the perfect compromise between 4:3 and 21:9. If you watch both movies and old TV, then you’ll have approximately the same amount of letter/pillar-boxing or cropping. Add to that the fact that most modern TV is filmed in 16:9.

For someone who wants to watch all 3 formats, 16:9 = moderate loss for either of the other ratios, whereas with a 4:3 set or a 21:9 set you’re getting moderate to extreme loss with the others.

If you only watch movies on it though then I bet it’s amazing. I’d much rather have one of these than a projector.

this is so stupid. there’s too many aspect ratios out there to go and buy a dedicated 21:9 hdtv. imagine watching 4:3 on this thing. you’d have a tiny little picture in the middle of a sea of black. a projector would be the way to go if you really don’t want any bars at all.

It was so nice when everything used the same aspect ratio; all televisions showed 4:3 and all television-intended devices gave 4:3. If I’m not mistaken, virtually all arcade boards and screens also used 4:3, and most computer monitors and resolutions were 4:3 as well. I think we took that shit for granted. Everything was so easy and logical and you could figure anything out by just scratching your head for two seconds and staring at the wall of cords in RadioShack for another ten and then not being a dumbass. The biggest possible worry you could ever have were trivial variations in framerates (frequencies). Everything input and output and recorded and played in the same frickckin 'way. Hell YEAH.

The widescreen craze was the death of brainless home entertainment setups. Now there are a kazillion different aspect ratios for a kazillion different things. It’s basically “Fuck you” if you want to plug two things together that weren’t made by the same company on the same year for the same room in your house and you expect to get an image without black bars, cut-off, or stretching/squishing. Shit, half the time I don’t even know how to predict whether it will be the black bars or the cut-off or the stretching/squishing, nevermind whether it will be horizontal or vertical in nature. I don’t want to have to check Wikipedia three times and consult the spec sheets in my products’ manuals and call Future Shop and then get out my calculator and Google that “fast decimals to fractions” converter page every time I want to connect Thing A into Thing B. Problems x2 if you’re trying to record or create or convert instead of just watch, and problems x3 if you care about the possibility of picture lag.

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Dude that TV looks awesome but is indeed super long. In fact, I don’t think I would have anything to put that TV on.

Still awesome though.