Philips 32 PW9551 HD-ready / For Gaming?


Philips 32PW9551 HD-ready

does anyone has some experience with this monitor and if its good for gaming aka playing fighting games?


There only one thing you really have to look into
Input lag. What is the Delay from pushing a button to seeing that action on the screen.

check out sites like


thats one of the things i would like to know but so far i couldnt find any infos about it.
other thing is the hdmi input and if someone tested it out with a pc and if it makes issues.

only forum where gaming is a topic is spanish which doesnt help me so much…google translate will be just a mess.

thats why i asked her in the hope someone owned it and can share his experience.


Do you already own the monitor and can test yourself? That’s something we could direct you on how-to-test.


would that be the case i would not need to ask :slight_smile:
i have the opportunity to get one but its a beast 40-50kg and before i get myself that thing
into my home and find a place for it i wanted to see if its even good.


Does u have the opp to take your testing devices to the 50,000g monitor to perform your testing?


not really, wanted to use it with my pc since it has a hdmi input and later on older consoles.
notebook is unfortunately not strong enough for current titles and i am not sure if he would
let me test things out at his place since that would take some time.
its more a grab it and get outta here situation thats why i hoped anyone heard anything about that device and could provide some infos.

for watching stuff it seems to be good based on old reviews…but that doesnt mean much when it comes down to gaming.


Unless you’re getting that for free (and plan on doing some retro gaming) I would find something that was released 2016 and newer. The newer LED monitors are getting closer to CRT quality.


I agree with rbuniao, unless you are getting it for free look for something else. We used to play tekken on the those CRTs 10+ years ago. No one ever complained about it being laggy but at that time lag wasn’t a concern unless it was pretty obvious. Not the answer you are looking for but that’s all I can contribute on it.