Philly Arcana Heart 2 6/7/08 $100 bonus pot tournament results

1st: Xaq- Catherine
2nd: Andre: Clarice
3rd: Ken- Kira
4th: Demon Hyo- Saki
5th: Nas- Fiona

Thanks to NY for coming out. GGs to everyone and hope to do it again sometime.

Andre, I’m going to figure that clarice out and when I do be on da lookout. Well when you play her that is.

HyperHal recorded some matches and the 3v3, so he will be putting those up when he has a chance.

good shit xaq… how many people came

I’m going to have to head up to new york at some point to run that back.
I got 1080 supered by randomness in real life Saturday Morning after I got off work.
My play at that tournament was downright embarassing.

gg’s to some of the ny crew for coming out xaq, ken, andre… definetely very happy that you guys came out and show what we need to work on here in philly… although im alittle upset about the turnout… ill do one more pot bonus turnout… and if that doesn’t produced the numbers… then i dunno what else to do really,…:rofl: