Philly Area Players

Hey guys, I co-run, we promote video game tournaments in and around Philly. We’re putting together our own gear and we want to start doing fighter tournaments (right now we run Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3 & Madden). But we want to do it right, so we’re looking for somebody to help us.

We also want to know that if we set-up to run a couple fighter games, we’ll have some heads in the building for it.

So here’s the equipment we have right now (or expect to be getting in the next couple weeks). Arcade cabs are not an option for us at this point, because all this gear is being transported on the back of my Dakota 4x4.

But I want to know if anyone’s interested in helping us organize and promote some fighter tournaments. And also what games & equipment we should start looking at.

So Philly heads, if we run tournaments, would you show up? What would you play? What should we get?

actually, since dawain(hyperhal) is no longer interested in running tournaments, me and a colleague would like to talk to you about doing so.

Depends on which fighting games you’re interested in having of course. Some have pretty big followings and some don’t. What location are you having events at?

Rouge, Hal actually just told me to give him a call in the Tournaments thread. But if that doesn’t work out, I’ll let you know.

Stradt, we’d probably run 1 big-time game and two smaller games each event depending on what the preregistration looks like. Our sponsors are looking for big turnouts, though. So we’re going to run either Halo or COD4 + a couple fighter titles and/or Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

My partner found a place in the Northeast. I don’t know where it is exactly, though.

I’ll pull the curtain back a little bit, we’re trying to compete with MLG, but we’re taking a much different casual-player-friendly approach. So when we want to do something, we want to do it 100% correct. But we also put together cool prize pots. We’ve given away a probably over $5k, 7 or 8 cases of energy drinks, a half dozen t-shirts, an Xbox travel bag and a turducken. So we try to make it worth while to come out.


U prob wont get too many responses for the fps’s cause there aren’t a mass group of those players on srk. But yea running cod4 and halo should def get numbers. But posting this tournament info in other forums that focus on those games in philly will get better results most likely.

Just a thought but good luck.

Those are the tournaments we usually do. But we want to expand into fighter games, Hyo.

And I just talked to Hal, looks like he’s on board.