Philly CVS2, MVC2, TK4, A3, ST, 10-12-2002


Yo nice turn out for this tournament i hope everyone can make it back next weekend.

1st.–Julian R.–Philly
2nd.—Alex A.–Philly
3rd.–Som D.–Philly
4th.–Kalick T.–Philly
5th.–James P.–Md ( Run out after he knock Julian in the loser Brac)
5th.–Jason H.–Md

1st.–Josh W.–Philly
2nd.–Brandon D.–Philly
3rd.–Julian R.–Philly
5th.–Bryheem K.–Philly
t5th.–Will M.–Md

1st.–Bryheem K.–Philly
3rd.–Julian R.–Philly
4th.–Jason H.–Md
t5th.–Rob O.–philly

1st.–James P.–md
2nd.–Will M.–Md
3rd.–Shammar L.–Philly

1st.–Julian R.–Philly
2nd.–Kalick T.–Philly
3rd.–Will M.–Philly
5th.–Jeff D–Md.

Again i like to give out thanks to everyone that come i hope to see all you players next week.


shocking tekken results… I’ll be down after I get some $…

edit: how did shammar place highest in philly in a3???


Bh winning tournies?? Interesting… what were the teams used in cvs2 btw.


Damn I thought my pajamas would give me good luck.:bluu:


Actually blackheart dosen’t really do anything. It is the sentinel’s, storm’s, and mag’s that win also cable, i have learned from my match with julian that i should never do the fancy air dash guard break ever again:sweat:



How did i get 2nd in A3 with out losing?
:confused: :confused: :mad:


Can’t run away against blackheart assist…LazyJ is way too fancy.

p.s. DAMIAN!! I thought you were gonna be in the tourney…hmm…shoulda picked your ass up but I didn’t get to the tourney til like 10 anyways. It was Josh vs Brandon in finals when I got there…oh yeah Team Baltimore (jose & jeff) “bought” you the best present ever!! I’ll show you when I randomly show up to your house sometime this week :smiley:



Cause eric just guessed up the results.



I wanna play mvc2, tell me when i can come over, and can you give me directions from like 95 south? i'd be coming from essex. i have school from 9-12:30 on weekdays, then i goto work at UPS at 5.


youre so devastated because you got beat by will martin 2-0. wow jose gets put out in 2.


will sucks at mvc2



yo you getting me heated josh, that match against Will means nothing, i simply fucked up cause i didn’t adjust to the controls. you can even ask Will Martin himself. i was doing ghvbs.

and on an unrelated note: hey josh keep living in the shadow of the REAL j-wo. hey, try to steal something of justin’s besides his avatar. like his skills.:frowning:


Josh has more skillz than justin.Its just that justin is more conservative and doesnt mess up going for crazy combos.Joshs crazy dashing storm combo resets vs. justins lightning strike super.


Damn I didnt pay to enter this tourney but I still some how spent 10 bucks on ernique songs and mk3.:bluu:


couldnt adjust to the controls? you were playing on that cabinet for an hour before the tournament started. and i know the match against will means nothing. especially by the way you posted that you wanted to play him so bad. and by the way you instant messaged and talked about how you shouldnt have lost. i took a shower and i came back and you were still talking. Pseud01: man
Pseud01: i was so pissed off
Pseud01: about the tourneyt
JW8989: you went out in 2 right?
JW8989: how you lose to will martin
Pseud01: yo i lost to will martin
Pseud01: i don’t know!
Pseud01: you saw me play him before the tourney
Pseud01: i was owning him
Pseud01: and i never lose to him when we play at his house
Pseud01: i kept doing ghvb
Pseud01: i was sooo mad
Pseud01: and then i lost to rasul
Pseud01: that was kinda my fault
Pseud01: like
Pseud01: i beat him
Pseud01: and then i missed lightning storm
Pseud01: after lightning strike
Pseud01: and he killed me and time ran out
Pseud01: while i was chasing him with sentinel
Pseud01: and i was pissed off
Pseud01: i was like fuck it
Pseud01: im using storm/sent/cable again
Pseud01: cause he was using storm/sent/cyke
Pseud01: and i KNEW
Pseud01: i could beat that shit cause the onyl reason i lost was cause i fucked up
Pseud01: the round before
Pseud01: and i just lost to runaway storm
Pseud01: i missed my chances at ahvb and time ran out again
Pseud01: i was SOO mad
Pseud01: i got cocky and didn’t pick sent/cable/commando
Pseud01: i could have crushed him but my temper got the best of me
JW8989: ok
JW8989: honestly i think rasul is better than you
Pseud01: well
Pseud01: maybe
Pseud01: he has one team
Pseud01: msp
JW8989: it works for him
Pseud01: yeah
Pseud01: well i can fight msp
JW8989: how come you didnt win?
Pseud01: i beat him last week
Pseud01: and i won the first time i fought him
Pseud01: and the second time is cause i fucked up
Pseud01: i think that alot of people are better than justin
Pseud01: BUT
Pseud01: justin doesn’t fuck up and plays defensively
Pseud01: i play defense against rasul
Pseud01: i think i just dont play enough
JW8989: youd be surprised how many people say that and still lose
Pseud01: say that they dont play enough?
JW8989: yeah
Pseud01: lol, ok man, i live in bmore, when you can point out an arcade within a 70 mile radius with half-decent , i’ll go
Pseud01: and i’ll be the shit
Pseud01: cause i’ll play
Pseud01: and i’ll practice
Pseud01: and i’ll get good
Pseud01: that’s why im’ comin to philly
Pseud01: cause i can’t progress by coming everyonce in a while
Pseud01: the people in bmore suck
Pseud01: that’s why after my match with will
Pseud01: i offered him money games
JW8989: suck as much as will martin?
Pseud01: and he said no
Pseud01: yo, i’ll go head to head with will in mvc2 with full confidence, you saw me whoop his ass in philly even before the tourney
JW8989: actually i was playin cvs2 all before the tourney
Pseud01: well it doesn’t matter
Pseud01: cause next weekend i’ll show you
JW8989: you gotta redeem yourself
JW8989: you got last place
JW8989: not even warren gets last place

ok so are we still betting my 5 to your 100 against warren? 20 games?


Thats the worst bet ever josh I dont think anyone would do that bet.


Row!.rats a rowible ret.



one ghvb


well, i am not taking sides of josh, or jose. But IMO, jose i think you just need to play and have fun. Do not let your temper get the best of you, like it did me when i was playing razul, he is kool with me, and i started playing like bryheem when he gets mad. I almost forgot what it was like just to play to have fun, i promise myself i will never do something so stupid ever again over a videogame.

There is no such thing as honor in a videogame, it is made for entertainment. For all those who saw that, i appologize for my actions because it is not the way i act. You can ask josh if you want to.

But jose, just stay kool man. If you can beat will, then you can beat him. Sometimes people mess up in mvc2, we all do. Just try to have fun, and don’t worry about the competition, and what people think about your skills.


yeah…yeah i know. i was talking about it with rugal B. on the way to his house and sometimes the shit gets waaay out of hand. im cool with rasul too. i shook his hand after the fight after i took my lose. it’s just that i get frustrated when i have bad nights. sorry for the flaming on this thread everyone.