Philly GGXX Tournament results 5/10/03


1st. Mike B ( faust, ino, axl-lo)

2nd. Josh Wong (LZJ) ( johnny, slayer, eddie)

3rd. Brandon Deshields (Demon Hyo) (bridget, baiken)

Me and Josh never wanted to enter this tournament. But with the suprise arrival of big ERIC with his dominate persuasion, and the sad sorrow of little eric with the tournament sheet that had the names on it, asking us to enter. It was just all too much to handle

The most exciting match was me/josh’s match in the losers finals. We were like so nervous cause we had like no life left, he had eddie and I had baiken. It was down to one jab and he got that lucky jab off. But it was fun and intense, good matches josh:cool:


I stunk up the place in this tournament. I didn’t feel like playing at all but Eric asked me and i figured why the hell not.
My game was so off i wanted to quit after my first match. Good sh-t to everybody that played though.i make no excuses i got my ass whipped severe but i some some really good matches.

B,i’m sorry i rolled out without telling you but i hada little emergency at home that i forgot about. i’ll tell you about it over the phone.


BigEric BULLIED me into entering. but he didnt stay for the POWERCUT!