Philly Mvc2 6/18/05 Tournament results!

1st. D.Hyo- (Row, santhrax)

  1. Trap 12- (Blackheart/cable/capcom, Storm/cable/doom)

3rd. Dave Jacobs- (Storm/cable/sent, Scrub)

4th. GameMario316- (Santhrax, Scrub)

5th. 50cent- (Msp, Mag,Sent,Cyc)

I guess Eric aka BlackShinobi will post the Tekken 5 tournament results.

Eric did say that the next tournament would be on the 16th of July, so I hope you guys try to come out because these tournaments are AWSOME! Too fun and gonna be more people next time.

P.S. I wanted to enter T5, but was careless about something. :shake: Won’t happen again though! :sweat:

University Pinball, get RUMBLE FISH 2 PLZ! :clap:

The next tournament is on the July 16th
the 18th is a monday
I’m about to post it now

the tourny was aight. I only beat one dude. It was my first tourny. But i did watch the one at Chinatown fair in March; UP could be like that if the price wasn’t $10. Lower it to $5 and 10 more people would have played. I guess $10 does draw people from, other states, but with $5 we could see who the best in Philly is.
~Holla front~

He made the entry fee $5 for the next one.

Kevin, is that you? It’s Rob from TU. 'Sup, man?

brandon i pm’ed you my cell number. call me if you guys do a weekly this weekend im tryin to play