Philly Mvc2 Masters Tournament Results 7/29/06

1st. Demon Hyo

2nd. Josh Wong

3rd. Damian Eklund

4th. Bryheem Keyes

5th. Trap 12

I only remember top 5, but that’s good enough anyway.

brandon stepped his shit up… again…ggs kids…

That trophey is random, but still kewl I guess.

I was down PHILLY this weekend too, with a friend tho.

good shit tho!!

i just gotta let everybody know how awesome i am for paying zero dollars to enter into the losers bracket and then upsetting so many people who really thought they might have had a chance to get 2nd since i started with a disadvantage. i’m the best 3rd rate player philly has so…


Is the trophy at ur house or still at UP?

Still at UP. Kind of LAME if you ask me, but oh well.

At least other MvC2 players will know u earned it. Will there ever b a tourney 4 u to defend it?