Philly Mvc2 Results For 03/16/03


1st. Josh Wong (LZJ) Teams: sent/cable/guile team rowtron

2nd. Brandon DeShields (Demon Hyo) Teams: Team Hyo, MSP

3rd. Julian Robinson (Guess Master Julian) Teams: cyc/cable/guile

4th. Mike B Teams: Team Scrub Silver Samurai/cable/commando

Julian is cheap as crap, with his cyc guile team:bluu:

Fun tournament, thanks to balziniflo letting me have that cd with our philly matches on it, I started to play like my old self again.


The finals were really close between me, and josh. I was in the losers and won the first set 3-0, and he won the second set 3-2.

Nice matches josh:)


hey demon hyo, do you think you can make it to the ctf tourney next saturday with the other good philly players the comp is really good and it’s boring watching sanford win every week.


Nah, I don’t travel for tournaments like that anymore. Sorry




what happened in ggxx? hmmm I don’t want philly to be known for excess guile usage… I’ll definitely be at the next tourney… I guess you still have some infinites left in you brandon…

ctf tourney… what am I dr.moneybags…


you can fob bus from philly to NY for like $10 roundtrip…


i like how the day before the tournament rick says we’re all getting raped for free. guess he must have lost too many quarters to me on saturday and couldnt pay the bus fair.


Ironman is cheap:bluu:


LAME. You call philly to ny travelling? You are really good at posing as a hardcore mvc2 player.


:lol: That is what I am trying to tell you, I am not a hardcore gamer anymore.

Yes blaziniflo, IM is still cheap somehow;)


Yeah, Julien DOES cheat…he makes the fakest comebacks EVER!! Damn I wish he was an asshole like out of state fukks so I can fukk him up in back alley…but Julien is too cool…


lol fake-ass guile. i wanna come but unfortunately everyone in MD is fucking worthless. nobody wants to drive/has a license. every single philly tourney i’ve been to in the last 2 years i’ve driven to. maybe i’ll try to stay at jeff’s sister’s house in camden one weekend so we can come to UP and put shame to guile. or i’ll move in with josh wong permanently :lol:


It cost me $20, but that’s not too bad. Plus, if you just take a bus from the drop-off area, you only spend $2 bucks. The overall travel expenses(minus a Metrocard) are roughly $24 bucks. Just make sure you buy a round trip ticket so you won’t get scammed into paying $20 for a one way after 12am.
I used these guys:
Anyway, I need to play Josh more in GGXX; he kicked my ass too good.


that isnt nearly as fobbish as the true fob bus