Philly mvc2 results for 10-26-02

1st. Josh Wong

2nd. Julian Robison

3rd. Brandon Deshields

I don’t feel like posting the teams, because it was a fake tourney:bluu:

I didn’t even wanna play, i just came to watch cvs2 cause cvs2 owns mvc2 for free:evil:


you might want to replace fake with crappy Brandon, last night did suck at little especially for marvel but there was a tournament no matter how bad it was.

Just so people know that it was just a shitty tournament and not one of the non existant ones that people make up for points.

…dynamite and a laser beam. guaranteed to make you scream(anytime!).

hmmm so what were the cvs2 results then?

Yes eric, it was crappy:bluu: Oh well, i am not coming to tournaments for a while until nec3. I can’t stand tryna get a ride, and coming home so late, and sleepy waiting for cvs2 to end. I never seen a almost 8 man cvs2 tournament end until 12:00am:bluu:

Fun to watch, but still boring.

I think julian won cvs2, i think josh got 3rd, and warrior got 2nd

I wish I was living in Philly…:cool:

Oh my god listing to all the crying 1st small turn and you players are crying will i had fun seeing Lil eric take that L to bryheem in CVS2 and than i rape heem for free

haha lucky i wasnt there!!! your ready eric for our match in nec?


bryheem owns cvs2, he started calling the game “don’t jump” without me influencing him… I’m so proud…

was there only 3 entrants in the Marvel tourney or you just posted the top 3?

just posted top 3

It was only 3 people who paid, but eric put me in for nothing so honestly it was 3

He nearly lost to Marty. He got so scared in their third match that he moved the console a few feet. I could see an upset in the near future. Even he said Marty’s “Guile” was tough!