PHILLY MVC2 Results for 11/16/02


1st. Sanford Kelly

Teams: mag/storm/sentinel, Rowtron

2nd. Brandon Deshields (Demon Hyo)

Teams: Team Hyo, mag/storm/sent

3rd. Josh Wong (Lazy J)

Teams: sent/storm/capcom, Rowtron


shit wish I could have been there, looks like raver queen wong can’t stop the INFINITE or the VIRUS… I’ll be back next week with some experimental teams… meanwhile if anyone wants to get owned in counstrike by an oldskool player send me a pm…


hey i look forward to playing you guys:D

I’ve got the money situation down pat so nec here i come:cool:


Ill own you in cs damian, what servers ou play at and what your nick.

Also, wtf, noone said sanford was coming. I would have went. And Brandon how did you lose to him and beat josh, you bum sanford is not at team hyo’s level. What were the cvs2 results?


Well one match i had him beat but i sort of gave it away when i switched my sentinel out. The vids should be coming up soon so you can all see.

But sanford is still very good, trust me he hasen’t lost a thing. But it wasen’t rape


congrats on your 2000th post brandon, yeah don’t press the self destruct button, only julien can get away with that cause he’s got magic safe tag powers…

halfbreed: do you have aim? I play as demoneggs but I’m on a lot of servers…


HAHAHAHAHAA revenge is so sweet hehehehe i guess


yeah it is svnguyen86, illl be playing cs now.


Halfbreed, have you lost your mind?? How in the hell can u say Sanford is not on team Hyo’s level?!?! Sanford is one step below Justin! He’s better than Brandon. Who on earth do u think u r?? Sanford would prollay own u 4 free buddy.

Yo Brandon, big ups on gettin 2nd. Hope I can go to NEC and play ya’ll. Remember Brandon, I should have won that Atlanta tourney a while back. But it seems you’ve gotten better. Props.

Mixup, can’t wait for u to go to NEC. It’ll be VEEEERRRY interesting to see u play Sanford, X, and Hyo. Hope I can go too.

Josh, what up dawg, long time no hear. Say whats up to Mike for me.



Just for people who seem to be geting mixed up Lazy J is Josh Wong i’m Josh Wigfall (DaWigsta) sup TAZ hope to see you @ nec 3


arcade man I was absent from the philly scene for like 3 weeks and when I came back brandon’s style had greatly improved, his execution has always been perfect but now he’s good enough to always land that one hit he needs to kill your team… maybe you’ve been training but expect a different brandon than the one you saw in atlanta ages ago…


In those vids on the other thread, which team are you using?

Sent/Storm/Cap or Rowtron??


OOPS!!! MY BAD YO! I never knew your last name! Hope I can be there. Watch for Mixup from FL. He’s good.

Fecal, I was afraid of this. Brandon has all this comp. around him and he’s getting better. I have nothing around me, and I don’t know how I would fare against him now. My guess is I’d prollay get beat, but I still have confidence in my game. I’ve been lookin at results lately, and this is the second time Brandon has placed higher than Josh. Josh got first all the previous times I checked. Could Brandon be better than Josh now?!?!

None-the-less, I still think Sanford is better, and I still think Halfbreed is half confused, but much props to Brandon for his improved game.


Taz you are a maniac, BRANDON IS BETTER THAN JUSTIN. He just had a bad day against sanford, and remember him vs sanford is 1-1. You dont know shiiiiiett. Team hyo fucking owns, im gonna be using that team at nec. muahahahaha


Damn wish I could have came.


yeah i’m josh wong(the real JWong as well as the real JoshW) haha jk. but before you go saying brandon is better than me… i just want to say i did let him win in this tournament cuz he had a better chance vs sanford but i think we’re pretty even. and yeah sanford is probably better than brandon but its all good brandon wins the most improved player of the year for sure.


capcom vs snk2 results philly 11/16/02

#1.sanford kelly
teams k-groove geese/cammy/sagat r2
n-groove ryu/chun li/sagat TEAM CHOI
#2.julian robinson
team c-groove bison/blanka/vega R2

brandon you truly are iron man good shit I still am rusty a little but I can still go with the best.


You see if you read what josh was saying, when i had to play josh in the losers finals, he did let me win because he thought i had a better chance against sanford, in plus josh wasen’t playing as himself that day anyway.

I agree with josh that we are even also, he just has a edge over me that is why i can’t beat him most of the time. He just has it, josh is like my mentor. Even though my name is like showing up everywhere on srk now, i still look up to josh. Cause when i was a scrub i was learning things from him back then.

But sanford said me and him were even, and yeah he may be a little better than me. I only play once every week anyway, and he dosen’t play at all really as much. But i don’t care, it is 1-1 now and we will play again, and i think we already settled that whole dispute now.

My main thing is try to beat justin somehow, and for our team of
me, josh, and sanford (LAZYHYOTHRAX) (Props to josh for the name):smiley: to win the team tournament.


Thanks sanford, you still can hold it down with magnus. I will have a better sentinel by NEC3 my friend:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

Thanks for the award my friend josh, but i must give you the award for the best mentor of the year


Josh, Brandon, and Sanford rocks. I learned a lot of shit just by playing Josh and Brandon for 3 hrs fri. And just watching sanford’s sent. Goddamn!!!. Those combos were too sick. Good luck in NEC. Eric, you putting this tourney up on Apex. I want my 50 pts.