Philly MVC2 RESULTS FOR 8-12-02

Ev1st. Josh Wong: (Lazy J) (Teams) Mag,cable,psy, team rowtron

2nd. Julian Robison: (teams) zangief,cable,sentinel

3rd. Damian Eklund: (FacalPenance) (teams) Storm,cable,doom

4th. Brandon Deshields (Demon Hyo) (teams) team hyo, mag,storm,sentinel

5th. Jordan Heard (teams) Mag,cable,cammy mag,sentinel,commando

I got the vids on me, i will be putting them up soon on my site.:cool:

Special Thanks to Alex (Orochi Power) For bringing the camera:cool: I had mad fun chillin with you and jarrett(dark spidey) today:cool:

That tourney was soo fun, and funny:lol: Everybody was so happy, today nobody was really all that serious, but i mean we still played. Everybody was having conversations while they were playing. It was a pretty fun day overall, so i dont think nobody honestly cared about the places and stuff. I guess this was one of those days where we all make jokes, and just have fun. We are not always serious you know:D

the real highlight was roger getting 5th…

put up the fights I had against brandon or julien… fun shit…

That whole tourney was fun yo, Seriously. Everybody seemed to have a great time playing and had no problem being put on camera. My return to 40th in 4 months… Man i suck at games now. Damn that Evil Computer… with his Diablo2 and Counter Strike! Oh well, i guess i will just be the undercover camera man :smiley: OH YEA!

even though our matches sucked facalpenance cause we were like not even trying in that tournament, we were having too much fun to be serious i guess. But maybe we just cant be serious no more cause now everybody knows that mvc2 is for fun.

I will put the matches up anyways i guess:o Also, orochi power is the new undercover camera man:D

yo anybody know the results of the TK4 tourney from that night?..
i thought eric was someone would have posted it,
but i guess not…

all i know is one of my boys got 4th w/ steve fox…
well… wutever yall, peace,