Philly MVC2 results for 8-19-02

1st. Josh Wong (lazy j) teams: (blackheart, mag, sentinel) (ironman, cable, cammy)

2nd. Brandon Deshields (demon hyo) teams: team cheat: (mag, cable , anakaris) (mag, ironman, sentinel)

3rd. Julian Robison teams: (juggernot, sentinel, commando) (cable, sentinel, commando)

4th. Bryheem Keys teams: (spiral, cable, sentinel) (storm,cable,commando)

5th. Mike B teams: (cable, sentinel, commando) (doom, sentinel, commando)

Comments: Well it wasen’t a bad tournament overall:) I must say it was a warmup for summer jam 2, me and josh had some good matches in the finals, and it was fun playing him in the finals cause we never did before. DAMN SENTINEL!!!:mad:

hahaha uh Super G too Good!!!
and what’s this? no Damian??? he must got sumthing up his sleeve to not come or herb in his head hehehe:lol:

He not Super G no more ron. Nope he is out of that place now, it is just good ol lazy j now:D

I must have leet sj2 tactics that I’m saving… or I smoked too much and forgot to go… I have it narrowed down to one of those scenarios…

Apex can’t process my info, I must be too powerful for the system to comprehend :lol:

CVS2 results

  1. Julian Robinson
  2. Alex Anderson
  3. Josh “the SOB who only beat me because he stole my Blanka color” Wong :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Eric Stewart
  5. Marc Po??ter (Dave speeled in different from Eric)
  6. Ray Levin

man seems like Kalick only shows up when I’m around to beat me 2x :X One day I will beat him, only got to play in the finals at philly once

i’ll be getting there like 4:30 or so Friday if anyone wants to teach me how to play A3 or get some CVs2 comp before Sj2 :smiley:

where are the mvc2 apex points eric?

anakaris owns all!

Another Anakiris player. Good stuff, Brandon. I’m interested to see how you play him. Way to represent Iron Man. I’m glad someone likes to use him in tournaments. Take it e-z.