Philly, PA University Family Fun Center SSF4:AE $200 Pot Bonus, MvC2, SF3:3S 1/23/11

Big E & Kattermari present an all arcade tournament at University Family Fun Center arcade in Philadelphia, PA.

University Family Fun Center
4006 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Sign ups begin at 11:00 AM - Venue $5
SSF4 AE begins at 2:00 PM - Payout 70/20/10 $5 Entry $200 POT BONUS
SF3: 3S begins at 3:00 PM - Payout 80/20 $2 Entry
MvC2 begins at 3:00 PM - Payout 80/20 $2 Entry


GENERAL RULES General Game Rules:
? $5 venue fee if you want to play while the machine is on free play and/or entering any tournaments
? All matches are Double Elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches
? All finals matches are best 3 out of 5 matches
? You may request Blind Pick
? Floating will occur at the discretion of the tournament director - no floating will occur past the top 16 of any tournament unless all remaining parties agree

? No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances allowed in the tournament area - NO EXCEPTIONS!
? Fighting will result in ejection from the tournament area

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ($5): ($200 POT BONUS)
? Winner keeps same character between games, but may change ultras
? All characters are tournament legal - EVEN EVIL RYU AND ONI

*For Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, the following additional prizes have been contributed by Focus Attack and will be distributed amongst top 8:

  • $100 pot bonus (part of the aforementioned $200 pot bonus)
  • Certificates for 2 Joystick packs (1 Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick; 8 Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons, Sanwa or Seimitsu balltop or battop)
  • Certificates for 2 SINIX packs (1 Ryu or Chun-Li SINIX SSF4 T-shirt; all 38 SINIX SSF4AE Character buttons, including Yun and Yang)
  • 1 Copy of SF20 Art of Street Fighter Art Book
  • 1 Copy of Street Fighter Ultimate Edition Volume 1, 2 & 3

For all of your joystick and Street Fighter apparel needs, please visit Focus Attack and support our wonderful sponsor.*

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (American competition sticks and buttons) ($2):

? Winner keeps same character between games, but may change super art
? All characters are tournament legal

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (American competition sticks and buttons) ($2):
? Winner keeps same character and assists between games
? All characters are tournament legal

I’m there.

Also players I’m going to try to get Billy to put jap sticks in all the fighting games, I hope by this tournament.

i’'l be there

Good stuff!

I’m gonna try to make it and bring out the DES crew!

japanese stick setups on the 3s machine would be tight
i’m in there

Billy said give him a week all the machines will have jap sticks.

i plan on being in there like swim wear

AWESOME. I’ll be there for Third Strike then!!!

I’m trying to get the comp back in the arcade, UP was the best at one time, and with the players help it can be the BEST again.

I’m totally there for some THIRD STRIKE YALL

driving up

Cool thanks.


No minimum entry for the pot bonus to be valid either!

Courtesy of Big E and Hyperhal.

The “Watcher” and I will be there !

More info on this tournament still to come.

I am there. The game must stay! I shall support! Sunday tho…I will go to early church :slight_smile:

Thank you sir.

More bonuses and prizes coming soon. Keep checking back for more info!

I’m coming, youngins gotta represent. :3