Philly Paddle Weekly T5 & Mvc2 7/02/05 Results


1st. Bryheem Keyes (Jack, Steve)

2nd. Julian Robinson (Feng, King)

3rd. Kalik Thomas (Bryan)

4th. 50cent (Bryan)

Finals were SICK!!! Score was 4-0 Julian the first set, and then it was 4-0 Bryheem the 2nd set. His JACK IS SERIOUS!!!

JOP & NIN = Bryheem Keyes.


1st. Demon Hyo (Row, scrub)

2nd. Bryheem Keyes (Scrub)

3rd. Julian Robinson (Blackheart,cable,tron)

4th. 50cent (msp, mag,sent,cyc)

Mvc2 finals score were 4-0 in the first set (ME), then the 2nd set was 4-1 (ME).

I couldn’t get the other 15 players names, so this is all the info I have.

BTW, Bryheem said, " I’ll bet Justin Wong 1st to 10 for $100 in Tekken 5 with Jack-5 and Steve."

I have the marvel videos on dvd from this tournament, and I’m willing to put vids online if anyone is willing to help.

^-- I’d be willing to host em later on this month after I start taking down some ECCX footage. :smile:

That’s awsome, Preppy. Thanks a lot. :smokin:

Working on vids today.

I know it’s late but now I will have them. I’ve been kinda busy as of late.

rumble fish 2 is here

where is philly paddle? why are there no 3s torunies? whadda about st/ae?