Philly police hot on the heels of "Swiss Cheese Masturbator"



other source: (yeah I’m not making this up)

source 3:

Even the news is getting in on the puns lmao, definitely the cheesiest story I ever heard. Here’s hoping he doesn’t meet up with the “Steak Slasher”, considering
they’re in Philly and all.

spoiler is definitely Not safe for your eyes,



I hear the case has a few holes in it.



^yeah, I’m just hoping they catch the Kraftsturbator before someone gets hurt


Wonder how much cheddar peeps pay him to perform acts like this.

He definitely doesn’t do it for free.


I just realized now that’s from citizen kane…which i watched 2 days ago


That’s just how it’s made.


Kashiyukasthighs: Look at you cheesin’ over a gif


I guess this issue is only a big deal to the Conservatives because it wasn’t American.


brings a whole new meaning to the phrase dick cheese


Carls Jr. to now offer this sandwich @ restaurants nationwide

Fuck T.O. & his “philly” burger!

lol Gabby Chest
lol call 911 when you see Tupac ColbyJackCheese


I bet his catchphrase is “Cheese me to please me!”


It ain’t easy…being cheesy.


Behind the wheel
Doing his deal
With a wheel (of cheese)

That is NOT what I meant when I said I wanted mozzarella sticks!



This guy’s gone whey too far.

Also, in Philadelphia, lol.


I think you guys have seriously swissed the point. :frowning:


BEWD, I think you are in “de-nailao”.


Tier list, best at the top:

Cheese Holio
Man Banana Criminal
Paid Victim False Rape
Punchout Guy
Flava Flav DWB

  • Didn’t really check that one out again. Thought it was the person falsely accusing someone of rape, no “victim,” ended up in jail. And just rounded it out with 5 from the top 5 topics, this one to be up there too.


He’ll really have blue cheese when the cops catch him.

Triple pun score!


wow these puns are cheesy