Philly/South NJ casuals


Anyone in the area run casuals or want to start something up? Haven’t really heard of anything close by. I’m over in Cherry Hill.


I’d be interested as well as long as its not UMVC3.


Hey guys we have something in the harrisburg area called hershey monthly runs, if you guys are interested. We have a good amount of people from the philly/king of prussia area that come to this event, that might be able to give you a ride or you are more the welcome to drive yourself, is the main web page we got going and we will have capcom games as well


i live over in medford and i try to make it out to this when i can:

it’s a little ride but it’s a really good time and all casual stuff. there’s also this:

which is a little closer but i work thursday nights so unfortunately haven’t been able to make it out to one.


Nerd Palace is a great place.

Stay tuned for around September time.
Our group, Team DES, used to run stuff in the area, but we have been without a location for a while. I am currently working on fixing up a house, and that will be our new pad.

Check us out at East Coast Throwdown if you are going. We got shirts. Find us on facebook too.


What game? Im around Cherry Hill and looking for UMvC3 casuals since my roommate disconnected the internet and bailed. Though would be nice to play IRL even if my roommate wasnt a bitch.


I mainly do SSF4 and SFxT, but also could play a little UMvC3. Also slowly gonna get into KOF.


Sup guys, I’m up to get some casuals started since getting to Cherry Hill is just a cheap bus ride for me, I live in Woodbury. I play Marvel, Street Fighter 4. and Street Fighter X Tekken, but I’m really up for anything else too. I really wanna play some matches with people in real life.


Can you get to gloucester city or can you host? No idea the route from woodbury, but the 497 bus stops half a mile from me. Pretty sure glouceste is closer to woodbury than CH. Email me or hit me on google chat,


I should be able to get to gloucester city no problem. When are you available? Anytime is fine for me since I can’t seem to find a job yet.
Can you send an email to mine to tell me where and when you want to meet? Mine is acting stupid and I need to get something from yours so I can send stuff to you, it’s


Email’d. Lemme know if you didn’t get it.


we’ve started bi-weeklies on fridays in Redbank, NJ.

is that feasible for ya’ll?

and hey jesse! whats goin on? :slight_smile:


I’m down for some of those games and I am from hammonton so Woodbury isn’t super far. Im also interested in the Nerd Palace, what games do they play there?


Dear everybody in this topic:

Look up “Get Salty Group” on facebook. There’s a really great scene IN CHERRY HILL. Tournaments get run at the gamerdoc, game nights go down in voorhees, and carpools leave every Monday to get to Nerd Palace. There are players of every skill level in the group.


Sup UNDEADTURKEY, I would be more than happy to meet up sometime to get some games in. Let me know if you want to and also when, I’m always available since I doubt I’m getting a job this summer. You can email me at as well.


Macmittles: Great games, thanks so much for hosting! You are quite good, my friend!

AndyG: That’s bad ass! I work right by Voorhees, approx what time do these things tend to start up?

gb!!: You mean after all that time of you and me being America’s top (read: only) two VS players, you were in South Jersey the whole time?? If I knew that I’d have reached out as soon as I moved to this place! Though I have no idea where Red Bank is. Still, sweet to know you’re around! You get down on dat Mahvel, by chance?


Just join the facebook group. Stuff gets posted there about when stuff’s going down.


:slight_smile: I use to be a mvc2 head. unfortunately noone in my area plays mvc3, though I do dabble :frowning:

nj fgc group:

RBR page:


I’m from West Deptford. Defiantly interested in playing some offline games


West Deptford? Damn your right next door to me, I’m in Woodbury. We should definitely play sometime. What games do you play?