Philly Tech Throw Thursdays #2

1: Dr Chaos (Gouki)
2: Blind Select (Dictator, Rose)
3: Ugly Slob (Viper)
4: LZJ
5: Pete68
5: JD
7: Feel LAX
7: ComeBack
9: rondomheat
9: Kattermari
9: Ninja Zephyr
13: Kyle Glass
13: thomahawk
13: Sal V
13: LiL E

Thanks Ron,
I actually have a reason to practice again.

GS guys. I know who Blind Select is. But who is this Uglyslob? lol.

Uglyslob is Oliver/Malignant Mouse AKA The Real Doctor. :coffee:

Thx for throwing the Tourney Ron. Big E has to make it to the next one or hes banned :rofl: :rofl:

lol…that’s just wrong! how you can ban someone that hasn’t even been once! hahahah!

I will be in attendance at the next one!

chaos…pm me your # so I can call you when I get to philly. I will need you to drop off your stick so I can fix it.

Great times! Thanks Ron! Josh enough of random select, time to become the true Counterpick Wong Sifu next time.

great tournament. Big thanks to Ron and The Bayou for having us all. Btw change my name from LZJ to Salty Josh Wong in these results and from Salty Josh Wong to LZJ in the other results. You have it all backwards.

Damn thats hard. :frowning:

Sifu beats Sensei every time. Counterpicking is hard, but fun!