Philly Tournaments

Just looking for ther Fgc philly players thats trying to train together and just help one another level up before bar battles and evo so hit me up im free most all days so im free to hit that hyperbolic time chamber any time email me or hit my cell up and (215) 208-4280 my gamertag on Xbla is MrMa7hma7ical

Im from york, but im coming to a tournament in philly i believe it’s in august . You didn’t put what game u play but i play sfxt. Theres a group on Facebook if u have that. I’ll search it quick and post it. I’ll add u on xbl. LordFlopyRoostr

Southeast pa fighting games community is the Facebook page. Mostly philly based players.

the facebook page is philly fgc and i do SfxT AE2012 and some marvel not that good in it though

I’m apart of the Philly FGC and I’m also holding events at Glenside, PA this Thursday. My Facebook group is called Frisky Business, here is a link - Look us up for more info.

Also here is the Philly FGC -

I sent a request