Philly University Pinball 9/8 MVC2 and CVS2 results


Philly University Pinball 9/8 MVC2 and CVS2 results.

1st Bryheem Keyes
2nd Julian Robinson
3rd Mike Bailey

1st Julian Robinson
2nd Kaliek Thomas
3rd Rob Sigley

i havent seen mvc2 results like this for atleast a year now. old school cable based teams own philly once again. oh yeah and rob sigley is too powerful.


Eh, philly is dyeing out. No more good comp and the numbers are always low. BTW rob is really powerful.:eek:


Philly is not dying out players are cheap ass shit:lol: and the best comp is always here there were about 6 players here that was scared to get in:( and if some more of the philly reg did not have to work the numbers would have been higher but its cool you know if you want to get better you have to come to Philly:evil:


I own philly(aka josh wong). Eww damian got 4th to cheap cables, how scrublike.


every couple weeks bryheem evolves into a hunger driven monster… dmx has some kind of false food finding confidence that prevents him from reaching his final form…

my team rowtron sucks… but after I learn sentinel I might start getting top 3 again…


Glad I forgot to come looked like a bad turnout.


Bah, dr.damian is tricky.
Umm, i really dont care about anymore tourneys much, i am saving my game until nec3. I must be ready for the hell sanford will bring back to philly for me


Yea I know I really beasted on Som D in MVC2 :slight_smile:



1st. bryheem- spiral, cable, sentinel

2nd. julian- doom, cable, commando

3rd. mike b- doom ,cable, commando

4th. damian (facalpenance)- mag,cable,sentinel

5th. brandon (demon hyo)- mag,storm,sentinel

That is for people who even cared about what teams we used:bluu:


It always is a low turn-out when players say they will be here than don’t show:( but i will take 16players any time also brandon sanford will rape you if you don’t get the rite COMP and this is where the COMp is so i hope everyone can make it to the Tournament this sat.:cool:


hey hey hey! cmon now we all know 5th place is not a winner. besides theres another 5th placer so now you gotta post his teams too. but if you want real teams…

1st - Bryheem - Cable, assist, assist

2nd - Julian - Cable, assist, assist

3rd - Mike - Cable, assist, assist


yo eric i was on PJ i woulda joined but when i walked over to cvsnk2 i was like whens the tourney and you were like yea it started already i thought you left already. i woulda joined if you found me early…actually, im lying my ass off i didn’t have any money at all thats why i was on that cheap 1 quarter PJ :lol:


yo eric,
what were the results of the Tekken 4 tourney?..