Philth's list of F'D up movies you should see (or maybe you shouldnt)


Hi, my name is Philth, many of you prolly have no idea who I am, and those that do, will prolly not read this thread. Despite that, I assure you, im awesome.

Here is a list of movies you may or may not want to see.
Or perhaps, you may have already seen them, welcome to 2010 neub.
I have particular tastes so yours might not parallel mine.
Feel free to tell me how your opinion is better then mine and why I should never reccomend movies to anyone, because ive never heard that before.

Enough of introduction, lets get to the good shit.

This is a korean movie, so if you dont like subtitles or koreans, dont watch it.
I dont know if there is a dubbed version, but if you watch dubbed movies, you either like 70s kung fu, or youre a fucking moron.
Its got a nice style to it, a nice pace, a great story, good acting, decent dialogue, and good direction.
Thats pretty much worth checking out regardless of if you like fucked up movies or not.
Its very easy to get sucked into the film and follow it unquestioningly to its conclusion, which is exactly what the film wants out of its audience, it has a pretty clever way of toying with the audience which I respect out of the writers and director of the film. Because fucking with your audience is awesome.

Why this movie is fucked up.


WINCEST. There once was a man named Oedipus, he was Greek, he wasnt a drunken Korean, but he might as well have been

Many of you know who Roger Ebert is. I mean he is one of the most well respected and known movie critic of modern times. Most movie critics have never, and will never make a major motion picture. Which kind of makes them douchebags talking shit about people who try hard to create something of value, whilst being valueless wastes of space themselves. 99/100 movie critics are living excrement.
I myself dont feel that Roger Ebert is excrement.
But his movie, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, just might be.
It might be one of the worst movies ive ever seen.
But it might also be one of the best movies ive ever seen, I cant tell.
And arent some of the best movies the ones that leave you asking questions?
Like, Why?
Why did he make this piece of crap?
Its like a campy spoof movie, but much crazier then modern SCARY MOVIE franchises and the like, but it was made in the same spirit in a decidedly different era.
I say its worth checking out, if just to get an insight into Roger Ebert, a guy whose opinion you might have followed a few times.
And you may not ever again, after watching his movie.

No spoiler needed here, because you pretty much have to watch it to get it… or not get it.
Its a spoof movie of an era, if you havent seen movies of that era it will be pretty far removed from you.

This is a Thai film, if you dont like subtitles or Thai people, you know the drill, fuck off.
This isnt really a good movie, imo its a bad movie, I dont reccomend watching it.
It moves slow, its kinda boring, it doesnt have any action whatsoever, it doesnt really explore the characters as show what they are doing.
With that said, its worth checking out.
But why? I just said its bad and dont reccomend watching it.
Because it has a pretty intensely fucked up storyline.
If you thought your family was twisted and dysfunctional, you were wrong.
The Thai people bring shame to the trailer parks around the world, the familial unit gets analy violated with a broken beer bottle in this movie.
Which I guess is worth a look… but I dont know if youve got the attention span for it.
If you dont have it, check out the spoiler, ill tell you what you been missin.

Why this movie is fucked up.


WINCEST yet again and again in this film. Ok the main characters name is Jan Rai, in Thai, means, Damn Bastard. His “father” named him that because his mother was gang raped and he was the son of the rape. His mother died giving birth to him. He is beaten by his “father” mercilessly as a child, his aunt comes to raise and protect him, his “father” raping his aunt is his first memory. At around the age of 6 Jan dry humps and ejaculates on his aunt. Throughout his childhood Jan catches his “father” fucking his servants and other women, most of the time he is staring at the portrait of Jan’s mother while he does. Jan’s aunt gives birth to his “sister” who Jan’s father raises to hate Jan, and to be an all around horrible little cunt. “Father” remarries a hottie named Khun B. Jan starts having an affair with his “fathers” wife Khun B. “Sister” accuses Jan of molesting her (he didnt) and he gets kicked out of the house. After a couple years Jan is brought back, because they need someone to marry “sister” because she is pregnant. Pregnant with her fathers incestuous child. “Father” goes impotent after molesting his daughter. Jan agrees to marry her and raise his “father” and “sisters” retarded son. Jan ends up having an affair with a servant at his wedding reception, unintentionally in front of the portait of his own mother that his “father” had done so many times. Jan also continues his affair with Khun B, which his "father unintentionally walks in on, and gives him a stroke and turns him into a vegetable. “Sister” starts having an affair too, with Khun B. She offers to share Khun B with Jan, and he agrees, but only if “sister” will give him a child. “Sister” refuses, so he rapes her over and over until she gets pregnant. After going almost full term, “Sister” goes up in her cooch with a hanger and has a Tiajuana abortion. Jan then goes impotent, and thats the end of the movie.

If you were a tiny penised little japanese boy this movie would be your fantasy escape in the world.
Repressed Japanese schoolboy is also japans craziest assassin.
There is so much violence, torture, rape, S&M that the film is a hard sell to most people.
Its really an insight into the repressed nature of the Japanese who will explode into the most mysogynistic and violent behaviours, or use forms of media to express these most carnal of notions.
Its also just a crazy ass film with some cool fucking shit.
Tadanobu Asano has one of the most pimp suits I have ever seen in this movie.
The whole thing is worth watching just for his pimp ass suit.
I mean it, the suit is so fucking pimp.

Why this movie is fucked up.

[details=Spoiler]You have to wait thru the whole movie to see the pimp ass suit…

Really its just the insane amount of gore, torture and violence, and how characters relate to it sexually. Ripping the intestines out of someone shouldnt give you an erection.
Should it?
Well it does for me.[/details]

Id keep going with a few other movies, but this should suffice for now.
My movie finished DLing, and imma watch it.
Oh I just thought of something…
If you have a fucked up movie you want me to watch, or suggest I should do for another installment should anyone care, suggest away!

I was trying to shy away from movies that most have seen, with the exception of ichi, so plz no Inception was fuxd up! suggestions…

The Human Centipede is a fucked up movie you should check out. I also heard A Serbian Film is fucked up as well.

list is completely invalid without cannibal holocaust. this shit is bush league

Havent seen the whole thing, not going to reccomend shit I havent already viewed.

I really need to watch Old Boy.

I did watch this and got a laugh from

You had to see this coming


The Japanese guy taking a shit in the girls mouth and she swallowed it down.

I’m checking out these movies.

If you liked fucked up films, check out Martyrs. I’m sure P.Gorath would give it a glowing recommendation…

There’s an Anthony Hopkins movie called Titus, based on the Shakespeare work. “Fucked up” is an understatement for that shit.

Choreography of What the Fuck?!

[details=Spoiler]There are these two brothers, who are totally gay for each other. I mean the “rubbing against each others’ thongs during a parade in the streets of San Francisco” type. At some point, they kidnap this girl, I forget who she was. Anyway, they take her to this desolate area, where they start taunting her.

First thing you see is her hands have been cut off and replaced with twigs. Oh, but it gets better. They leave her there, and she’s soon discovered by someone. As he approaches her, she tries to say something, but instead blood comes out of her mouth because her fucking tongue was cut out.

Oh, but good old Hannibal gets them in the end, in a way only fitting of Dr. Lecter. He catches the brothers, hangs them upside down in a shack, and slits their throats. Later during a dinner with their parents, he reveals that he had them cooked and served to them.[/details]

Suicide Club


It goes from a mystery story about mass suicides in Japan to a bizzaro walk into the insane lives of the people tracking it (S&M bagged people included), to Japanese bubble gum pop.

Visitor Q, Gozu (pretty much anything by Takashi Miike), Antichrist, Martyrs, August Underground series, Pink Flamingos, In a Glass Cage, Salo, Men Behind the Sun, Ricky Oh: The Story of Ricky, Thirst.

I haven’t seen Serbian Film or Human Centipede yet.

tetsuo the iron man?..

japs are fuct

Baise Moi - This movie is crazy. I learned about it at film school from some friends, otherwise I probably would’ve never heard of it. It’s a french film and the title means “Fuck Me”. That’s exactly what they do but the sex is real and the violence is graphic. It rivals Natural Born Killers and I walked out on that one too when it was in theaters back in HS. I honestly felt bad for the actresses cause they got fucked worse than pornstars. More like raped. As bad as I am I couldn’t sit through the whole thing while my friends were watching it.

Oh yea the best film critic turned filmmaker to ever live is Francois Truffaut hands down.

I was watching Oldboy via my PS3 on YouTube. They cut out some shit, but the gist of the movie is there.

Great ending theme.


Jan Dara sounds wild as fuck.

It sounds alot better then watching it.


Welll… Predators sucked, as expected. So I guess its time for a second installment.

Now this movie I reccomended on SRK a long ass time ago.
I can recall the exact moment that I became a man.
It was during Pink Flamingos.
The movie is the story of Divine, who is a tranny/drag queen on its quest to being the filthiest person alive.
Quite possibly the worst acting caught on film, and some of the worst recitation of dialogue short of Mrs. Nutkeys 4th grade rendition of a streetcar named desire.
Its worth a look for some of the grotesqueries that people had back in the day.
Alot of people think depravity is something new in the world, and romanticize how things werent so bad in the past. Shit isnt new, its been around.
Plus I love the sound of breaking bones.

This movie puts hair on your chest


This really is a terrible movie, raping a girl with chickens, tranny eating dog shit off the street, and the all around unattractiveness of everyone in the film makes it almost unwatchable. Almost.

On one side you can say its a brutally honest depiction of how messed up alot of children are, and what they do with no education and supervision.
On another you can say this is one terrible exploitation film that shows child pornography.

Lord of the Flies meets Aids.

Not much to spoil, its a movie you should see that will make you feel like a truckers reststop toilet seat for watching it, but it is something I fully reccomend you watch despite that horrible feeling.

Fuck im trying to find this one movie, where the best part is a couple little boys are playing cowboys and indians or something, and another boy who is wearing rabbit ears walks in on em, and they call him a ****** and pretend to shoot him.
Cant remember…

It’s kind of weak when you make a thread like this but haven’t even seen any true exploitation films

As soon as I saw this thread I thought “If he doesn’t mention Oldboy, this thread is invalid”. Good to see it was the first one mentioned.

Also check out Funny Games. The 1997 version, not the more recent one with Naomi Watts. It was pretty F’d.


We already have a movie thread FYI. I know it’s ok to make individual movie or game threads but for collective movie lists why make a separate thread?

Anyways it hasn’t been closed yet so yeah go watch Martyrs and Galactic you do know the new Funny Games is a shot for shot remake with comparable actors?

I saw that trailer for that. I wanted to burn my screen. Then I saw Tosh.0, his verison was better. BTW there making two more movies to create the actual Centipede.