Phobos Art Dump

Hey guys here is some of my art. Its been awhile since I stopped drawing and looking into getting back into it again. Thanks

looks good :slight_smile:

why not post the images in here instead of linking?

Wow, very cool stuff Phobos! Keep it up!

They are really good indeed. Keep it up.
I especially like your Vampire D sketch.

Hey guys, Thanks for the nice comments!! Scissorman I have something you just might like since you are a Maxx Fan.

Wow, nice job!
Go and get Mr. Gone, Maxx!

you really need to work on anatomy. You need to use this site.
use the 30 second drawing every day and loosen up. The move on to the random poses. it will help your work. post your results please.

Thanks alot rabid! Didn’t even know a site like that existed. Thanks
I know it will me out alot.:wgrin:

yup! it’s awesome. I fill like 2-3 pages of the 30 second drawings then do some of the random pose ones, and you can really tell the difference after a while. it’s good practice and good fun.

just be careful with sharing your artworks through different URLs. i did that once. it wasnt pretty. keep it up though. as long as your shit isnt also posted on DeviantArt, its ok.

Thanks, my stuff is just here only. I have been hiding in my art cave for long a time.