Phoenix as a point character

As phoenix players we are all familiar with the risks of doing this. But i couldnt help but think about this many times when using her . Is this a possible strategy assuming as a player u are abandoning the risks? I wanna hear your thoughts

I’m using Phoenix on point at a tournament I’m going to tomorrow.

My personal opinion? Just like everything else about Phoenix, it’s high-risk and high-reward. She has a lot of options and great mobility, and can be a very large threat in the right hands, even without Dark Phoenix. The drawback of extremely low survivability is still there, though. If you’re going to keep her out, make sure she has Healing Field up.

heres the thing right. You have to accept that she’ll die anytime. The thing that has me sold on using her as point is the healing field. With that hyper you can pretty much rushdown at the beginning of the match. Coupled with beam assists and her teleports she can pretty much beast. But you have to accept that she’ll die an be prepared for that

no offense but even considering putting phoenix on point is a really stupid idea. you may get away with it playing scrubs but anyone who is decent can body her in one combo. playing her on point puts her in a LOT more disadvantages than advantages.

high risk/high reward only goes for phoenix if you can get five bars with her on time… and putting her at point is the ultimate risk with 3-5% reward. PLUS, you give smart opponents an extra bar of meter just because they get to touch her without having to snap back.

summary… don’t do it. lmfao.

Justin Wong did it last night and he did well. By did well I mean he died hard. LOL. The only viable way I could see it working is as some gimmicky way to set up DHC glitch with her to kill off a character by tag aerial comboing to build meter to switch into a DHC starter like X23/Storm/Deadpool to kill off a character. Which generally with DHC glitch combos whatever meter you burnt after the 2 meters you generally get back so it’s like you killed a character with one meter. This works well against people who start off with characters that have high health. Against characters with low health it’s kind of a waste of a strategy since you’ll just be at less than one bar and that’s not really what Phoenix wants.

haha, forreal. he basically gave noel brown a free character!

That shit was shady as hell. I guess he just wanted to be nice to a friend, but if this community EVER wants to be taken seriously as a e-sport or get corporate sponsorship (outside of Daigo and Jwong) this type of garbage can’t happen.

I was all excited hoping Justin had some secret Skrull stuff I could learn from, but he clearly hadn’t ever used him :frowning:

yeah, i don’t play too many skrulls, sooo i was pretty stoked to see what justin was gonna do with him…

until he started dropping combos that i always see done online. hahaha.

none taken but its not a stupid idea. Thats exactly why i said before i posted this if ur gonna try this u have to abandon the fear that she’ll die early an jus play her to her strengths.And u have to be really good to do it . Sure justin tried it yesterday but he didnt do it properly and lets face it hes not good with phoenix he was jus trolling.

Normal Phoenix definitely has the tools she needs to compete and I think playing her straight-up with no regard for Dark Phoenix actually isn’t as bad of a strategy as it looks on paper. I still think it’s near pointless to actually start with her in the lead position because (1) it means that your opponent will waste no meter for a snap back and (2) she can utilize the DHC glitch with healing field, so having a point character who can start it makes more sense.

Unless you get dropped before you can get Healing Field up, Phoenix is basically as durable as anyone in the 800k health range against most characters. The only difference risk wise between starting Phoenix, or say Ammy is that it might cost your opponent one less meter for a kill, and will cost you at least one meter for a defensive hyper. It’s not the best idea ever, but it’s not the worst idea ever either.

i placed 3rd at a 60+ person tournament with phoenix storm sent (pre nerf) where the first two players were Kevin Bacon and TooMuchDamage who both got top 16 at final round… clint got 7th i believe and he made top 16 at fr as well
you better put all your focus on playing phoenix if you do this

my judgement: in a first to 10 i would start phoenix but in a 2 out of 3 it just is too random. you dont get enough chances to read your opponent. she definitely has the tools as long as you build your team smart tho.

I’ve never thought about putting Phoenix on point, but it could work.

ive been trying it out. It is possible . You have to know her in and out and which assists help her. Plus that healing field has HELPED A LOT OF TIMES

I don’t play Phoenix, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in anyway.

The benefits don’t seem to outweigh the risks of playing Phoenix on point. As someone else already mentioned, when I’m faced against a Phoenix team, I’m generally wasting all my meter to snap in Phoenix. That means I’m also forfeiting entire combos. Dante’s combos build a ton of meter for the opposing team, so I simply can’t afford to do them on characters that aren’t Phoenix (unless I feel like I can kill Phoenix before she touches the ground… twice…

Honestly, no matter how good the Phoenix player is, I’d much rather see her up first than last, or even second. Almost any of my attacks lead into 420k damage, including projectiles and Dante’s air throw (which is terrible). Even with Healing Field up, Dante can easily kill Phoenix in one combo.

Of course Dante can, he has Million Dollars. That’s typically going to push her far enough away from her to negate Healing Field. That said, I’ve seen Dante’s drop Zero/Ammy/Akuma in one combo often enough as well.

the thing you don’t realize with putting phoenix last is you have to deal with a serious mixup situation when phoenix gets snapped in, you never have to deal with that with phoenix starting on point

basically no matter what you are eventually going to have to deal with phoenix’s low life, do you want to have the first time you deal with that be a mixup situation or a situation you controlled and created

i’d rather have phoenix snapped back in with meter i’ve gained from the match (whether it’s from taking damage from my other characters or dishing out damage) rather than having her on point starting off with ONE bar of meter and giving your opponent a chance to body her with a single BNB. AND by doing that, you make your opponent have to spend a meter to snap phoenix in.

but heyyy, to each his own. i wish i had the confidence to leave my jean grey out there with starting one meter.

You know how I mentioned that I used her on point at a tournament? I didn’t place, but I did beat almost everyone 2-0 consistently in pre-tournament games. And by almost everyone, I mean all but one player. I have no clue how to fight Hsien-Ko on point. Oh, and I used a DualShock 3. Reppin’ the controller.

She’s definitely playable as a point character. You just need to know what you’re doing.

IMO Phoenix wins against like half the cast on point any way. It’s just she only has 400k.