The games will consiste of Tekken 5.1, ST, GGXX#r, CVS2, SF 3rd Strike and Marvel Vs Capcom 2. ALL ARCADE VERSIONS

Castles n Coasters
9445 Metro Parkway East
Phoenix, AZ 85051

saturday january 28
registration from 9:00am to 10:00 am
tourney starts at 10:00am,no later
will continue sunday if needed


  1. 10 dollars per game to enter
  2. 3 dollars arcade cover charge games will be set on free play
  3. 1st,70%
  4. 2nd,20%
  5. 3rd,10%


all tournaments are double elimination

2/3 games winners and finals is 3/5,and grand finals are 4/7.winner must keep same team,but order can game breaking glitches such as the gambit and morgin trick and etc.

2/3 winers,1 game losers.grand finals 3/5.winner must stay with same characters and groove.same character glitch is banned. considering the rather large out of state turnout that is coming, cvs2 rules may also have to change to 1 match in 1st round matches also for time constraints…

2/3 games winners and finals is 3/5,and grand finals are 4/7.winner must keep same character and super.judgement is not in effect

ggxx #r:
2/3 games winners and finals is 3/5,and grand finals are 4/7.winner must keep same character.

Tekken 5.1
2of3 games. 3/5 games winners finals and losers finals. grand finals are also 3/5.winner must keep same character

ST arcade, SPEED setting turbo 3(not hsf2:ae or that other console mumbo jumbo)
best 2of3 matches, double elimination. 3of5 winners finals. 4of7 grand finals

Cigarbob will have his custom cabinet at the tourney (same one from evo) running st. possible a3 side tourney or casual matches at random games will probably happen…

see you guys there


ST added to the lineup


you should bump the entry fee up to 10 bucks to make the trip worth it for people who are coming out of state…just a suggestion


Is cigarbobs cabinet going to be there? Or would that be ‘not cool’ to the arcade owner :tup:


i’ll see whats wouldnt be a bad idea at all


i just might have to go to this. CLIGGITY CLAOW!


is it gonna be Tekken 5 or 5.1, plz tell me 5.1…


Im pretty sure i can make this :cybot: :looney:


peter: shit good question! i havent gone to cnc since 5.1 came out but i will find out asap. i dont see why they wouldnt tho since they are good on free upgrades lol. if they dont, ill have them get it asap. thanx for reminding me.

pigadoken: i do agree 10 bucks would be better, itll make it better for out of towners which is what we are aiming for. our only concern was because of the locals. it seems like local brokeasses cant seem to even save up 5 bucks in 3 months. im sure we will bump it up, im more partial to 10 bucks too

as for cigarbob’s cabinet, i dunno. its up to him. the owners probably wont care considering the games will be on freeplay anyway.


10$ it is


I’ll be there with my $10 lol

All you snowbirds better drive down to PHX for this. It’s nice in the desert in January :tup:


i’ll be adding an extra 40$ to the 3s pot for the winner


its 5.1


Andy: Change cvs2 to 2 games in losers. We got combofiend coming down to this, and he is one of the US best players. It would be dumb to make him go through all that trouble to have to experience 1 round in losers, along with anyone else that comes down here to play. Remember that this is a state invite tourney, so please please don’t make them come down here for 1 game in losers.


combofiend isnt gonna lose. my $10 says so.


Allow super switching in 3rd strike too. That always makes it (marginally) more interesting. :clap:


Regardless if he doesn’t lose or not, if you’re coming down here, would you want to have 1 game losers? Or anyone else going with you, do they want one game losers?


k.done and done


uh, judging from how every az tourney ever thrown has gone

changing cvs losers from 1 game to 2 games is a BAD move

nobody wants to be playing a cvs tournament at 4 am

i say keep it at 1 game losers fuck the boshit


i think you should keep it at fuckin 1 game for losers cvs2…it really doesn’t matter if out-of-state players are coming to az…it SHOULD stay 1 game for losers cvs2.

andy, keep it one game man. you know i play cvs2 and if someone gets into losers and loses, he has to suck that shit up (no homo) and take it.

btw, why does 3s get more money in the pot and not t5.1, #r, cvs2, or mvc2?