Phoenix broken to one point only really. Your thoughts

Was playing a friend of mine that like to play D.P. last and gain bar though to other char and is understandable. but something happened to me that i thought wasnt right and i dont know if you all have had this happen yet but i think its unfair. We where near the end of a match time was at 10 seconds we fight a little more i kill her dark phoenix comes out. Match ends. ok he wins. I had 2 char alive and 1 at half health and 1 and around 25% but he wins based off of D.P. gaining health. I do think that shouldnt happen its my thing i think is broken with her so please tell me your thoughts.

its mahvel get used to it


Next time time him out


If the timer ends JUST as you’re killing her/Phoenix transforming into Dark Phoenix, you will win even if D.P. has full health.

So aim for that. It’s fairly easy to chip Phoenix to death. Or just wait it out since you have the health lead. You never had to give your friend the opportunity to activate Dark Phoenix in the first place.

And here I thought you were going to complain about lvl 3 X factor Dark Phoenix…

Keep in mind that Phoenix has less than half the average health in this game. You shouldn’t have any problem killing in her in 1 combo due to that atrocious health.

Next time don’t kill phoenix simple as that

this. you have to lame her out. get normal Phoenix to as low health as possible, but don’t kill her. run away until time runs out. win. laugh at your friend and tell him to work on his rushdown & mixups.

…well maybe not the last sentence. :lol:

Down downforward forward+assist2…
You figure the rest out…

Loling @ Unfair. I agree with them. Figure it out. Its marvel baby.

Oh and just because you lost doesn’t mean its broken… It just means you lost. Try harder next time, and don’t just expect to win since Phoenix has the least health.

i think you need to reconsider your definition of broken.

cuz your current one sounds like “if these several precise circumstances occur, i lose.”

and there are a ton of ways around the problem, you’re just not thinking really.

so far i’ve seen a bunch of good answers in this thread, and came up with a bunch of answers to the same question last night when me and a friend played about 100 games vs. phoenix.

NO ONE is going to base their phoenix gameply on “LOL I DIE AND TIME OVER SO I WIN.” SO ITS NOT BROKEN. ITS JUST A SINGLE UNFAIR SITUATION. kind of like how you have to block an assist sometimes and then the other character mixes you up and you get hit OMG.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Snapback who?
Seriously, just Snapback into regular Phoenix early game and take her out.

I agree. :smiley:

yeah im surprised no one has suggested that

Has happened to me, that’s why I’m trying to not rely on DPh. The stream last night on IPW was pretty cool seeing Phoenix played btw.

Stop making stupid threads in the Phoenix forum… jesus christ

Learn to play the fuking game and stop whining

Wow you guys sure showed him… lmfao

lol what is this a character with i think half average health broken, dark Phoenix is a bit too much but still, am using phoenix atm and u have to work for everything… i still get blown up by random supers but seriously this thread lol

Yeah, I’ve been doing really good with phoenix on point, her teleport and slide helps so much… but I find it tough when I’m trying to break open a really good defensive player because if I use an assist to cover my unsafe blockstring/hitconfirm, I risk losing both phoenix AND the assist cuz the assist takes what is it… 150% with no damage scaling…?

because of one correct guess + super / combo or whatnot…

Yeah I think one of the main strategies we gona have to learn and deal with is what if you don’t get those meters, or learn not to rely to much on dark phoenix sounds mad but i have never got dark phoenix online but if set-up offence and blown it up.