"Phoenix Dojo" Paul Player Database

XBL: Zukuu Z
PSN: zUkUu (for now only on xbox tho)
Location: Germany (Berlin)
Team/Chracters: Paul/Cody (till DLC release anyone random)

Xbl: cra317
Location: Richmond VA USA
Team: Abel/Paul

XBL: Osbjorn
Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Team: Paul/Sagat

XBL: mrshmearo
Location: NJ

XBL: nobody68
Location: OR
Team: Juri/Paul gonna be Sakura/Paul after DLC

XBL: M0zleyV1bez
Location: FL
Team: King/Paul

PSN: Zerogrifter
Location: NY
Team: Paul/Kuma

PSN: DrSlouch
Location: FL
Team: Ryu/Paul

PSN: chickenkids
Location: Louisiana
Team: sagat/Paul

XBL: fizzywoemac
Location: MD
Team: Rufus/Paul

Rockin the obnoxious blond dudes till the day i die

Xbl: Dwiguitar
Loc: East Coast

XBL: saridan nyc
Location: NYC
Team: Guile/Paul (playing Paul on point for now to get more practice)
Playing a lot of pair play with my buddy Rolent23 doing Marduk/(Paul or Guile) also

XBL: bcyder
Location: Goodyear, AZ
Team Guile/Paul

XBL: Axe Juggalo
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Team: Paul/? (Cody after DLC)

XBL: ukMast3r
Location England (Staffordshire)
Team: Hwoarang/Paul

XBL: vip2 skema
Location: England (London)
Team/Chracters: Rolento(soon to change)/Paul/Heihachi

XBL: sharingan mo
Location: U.K (London)
Team: Paul/Heihachi (looking to replace hachi with julia, once im consistant with her link n stuff)

XBL: Kellow80
Location: U.K (Liskeard,Cornwall)
Team: Balrog/Paul

XBL: EagleJin
PSN: EagleJin
Location: Norway
Team: Kuma/Paul, Ogre

Xbl: i am champloo
Loc: Chicago, IL
Team: Rolento/Paul